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  1. RIP Carrie Fisher :(

    1. Climar


      hoping she would make it through, and at one point, i thought there was hope. RIP, Carrie Fisher, you will truly be missed. Not only as Leia, but becaue you were so much more than that.

    2. axalon


      That poor family...

    3. tinlizzie


      And now her mother too. Rip Debbie Reynolds.

  2. Blacklist read recommendations? Usually it's pretty easy for me to find scripts on the list that impress but this time, after quite a few false starts, I've been struggling to find anything I want to read (or, if I did read, glad that I did).

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    2. drb000


      read Crater yesterday. Thought it was wonderful. Really touching and I thought the end was fantastic.

    3. adlocke


      nothing wrong with crater, but if i’m a director, i’m noticing empty directions that are useless in my hands. the mood is created, but if i’m director, i might seriously ignore what “the writer says happens”. the writer should create only the story, because the elements of greatness are the director’s choice only. but decent framing of the story by the writer says i.

    4. Sly0712


      Didn't care much for unlawful.

  3. True Detective - thoughts on how they resolved what happened at the end of last week's episode with Farrell's character? Good, bad, meh?

    1. Sly0712


      meh. Vince Vaughn still not popping yet. Collin Farell is all that's keeping me.

    2. JEY


      Thought it was well-executed (pun intended), but would have liked to get a more direct sense of what the consequences/reasons were.

  4. Just saw the trailer for Maggie. Looks great! How was the script?

    1. Nic.Lishko


      I would say...slow? But it kept my interest.

    2. sbbn


      The trailer struck me as much more of a drama than... zombie flick. I'm really interested to see Arnie in the role - he looks so beaten down and human; not his usual smash or shot everything role.

  5. A while back there was a Breaking Bad Official Scripts book with all the scripts from season one. Apparently, the publisher has pulled it and it's now unavailable (glad I picked up a copy). Out of curiosity, anyone know why it was pulled?

  6. Is Homeland a show about the CIA or a drama about the struggles with mental illness? I'm so confused.

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    2. aphid47


      Wore than reheated 24. No one at 24 seemed to want to be taken as a serious drama like Homeland does. Every season after the first has been worse and worse.

    3. opie100


      It's not perfect by any stretch but I still enjoy it.

    4. sbbn


      I still watch it and I still want it to be good but it just seems intent on proving how "serious" it is at the expense of being entertaining.

  7. I'm curious - is it as unsurprising to others that Need for Speed underperformed analyst expectations? I've been tracking it because it seemed like expectations were overblown from day 1 (it was definitely not under-marketed).

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    2. bladebeam1


      Box Office Mojo had an interesting analysis going into the weekend.




      Here's a bit of it:


      There is some cynicism surrounding Need for Speed due to its transparent similarities to the Fast & Furious series and its awful reviews (23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Also, the marketing has failed to show much in the way of story, which has consistently taken a back seat (get it?) to the fast cars. This is en...

    3. admin


      I think there were a handful of hypers out there parading the idea that this was going to go big opening weekend, but no one really drank that Koolaid.

    4. CrashDaily


      NFS was all about INTL. It will do great (is doing great) and watch them announce a sequel soon. 100 million all in and it will do 150-200 worldwide. It did kind of tank here though.

  8. Academy Awards or True Detective... Well, that's an easy choice. I'll find out who won the awards on twitter or something.

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    2. npquinn


      I don't have a TV ;)

    3. sankofa


      so who has the 411 on the Steve McQueen/John Ridley cold shoulder shade tonight? hrmmmmm

    4. ajf1


      nikki finke says its a dispute over screenplay credit

  9. So does anyone know why Sovereign is written in haiku? I'm really confused (and incredibly distracted when trying to read it).

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    2. hollywoodude


      I liked the style -- very reader seductive, (or in your case irritating :) I suppose the intention was that every line would be a very precise shot and the script would function like an "editor's handbook," showing how to bascially just sequence a bunch of images. My only concern was that the style may expand a thinish script: you are taking five lines to say something that could have been said in one. But having read it, I don't think, at least for this script, such was the c...

    3. sbbn


      good omens, I'm with you. I wanted to give it a shot but it was so difficult to get past the formatting. I skimmed ahead to see if it was going to become readable. And it didn't. I can't even get to whether it's a good/interesting story because the formatting is so grating.

    4. LAscribe88


      It rips off the way Alien, and later, Wall-E, were written.

  10. DD CONGRATS on making the blacklist!!!!!

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    2. sbbn


      And the Hit List!! (I'm reviewing the lists in chunks).

    3. ddollar


      thanks everyone!!!

    4. sankofa


      *audience applause* :)

  11. I really wanted to feel... *something* about what happened to Brody but the lead-up was so poor I was just kind of ambivalent. And what was with Carrie?? For the emotional wreck she's been this season she was oddly calm about everything that went down. Talking with the people responsible for Brody's outcome as though nothing happened. No attempted eye gouging or anything.

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    2. dsjones


      Or how about finally coming out and revealing Saul is the actual mole. The leads on Javadi came, literally, from thin air. He was speculating and it absolutely set off the alarm bells. And who gained the most from the bombing? Saul.

    3. naugehyde


      An utterly disastrous finale.


      Not re-upping on this one. Pointe, HBO.


      The season wasn't a complete waste tho. Felt the season had nearly redeemed itself from the Dana shenanigans and general waywardness when Brody got to Tehran. The penultimate episode was damn good.




      holy fuck what a shitty conclusion.


      Great dilemma set up for Saul, save the mission but not Brody and they almost immediately resolved it.


      Then that lon...

    4. sbbn


      Opie, I believe the bomber was the guy killed and liquefied at the motel. Axalon, great point about how bizarre it was that they gave station chief to Carrie. Even if she weren't completely unstable no one at the CIA trusts her! They wouldn't give her station chief for Switzerland, let alone a high priority like Turkey. And they really did need more Quinn.

  12. Did I miss something or am I just really drunk? Isn't there some kind of list supposta be comin out today?

    1. admin


      Monday... mornin' :-)

    2. sankofa


      Right?! Where is the list? :)

    3. sbbn


      Ah, thanks Red! I was having a panic attack. I could have sworn it was the second Friday of December.

  13. Watching a show about mental health issues and emotional disorders is interesting and all but I'll admit I do miss the days when Homeland was about the CIA and espionage.

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    2. axalon


      Crap, my post got cut off but I agree Mysterian, I'd rather see the show focus on Quinn more as at this point he's far more interesting.

    3. sbbn


      I agree with you Mysterian and Axalon. I think one of the huge flaws is that the show seems to be trying to go in a different direction (Saul/Quinn) but it isn't sure what to do with Brody and so Brody ends up with a weak-ass, time-wasting story line.

    4. Mysterian


      I even like Virgil and the other tech guy (don't remember his name). I find them more interesting than Brody/Carrie. I say keep Virgil/sidekick and Saul/Quinn

  14. According to Gahgan, this is an old screenwriting expression: "Shall we have him pet the dog?" First, has anyone actually heard that expression before? Second, what the eff does that mean?? (and if you're speculating, fine but please say so, and if you have source, please provide)

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    2. CrashDaily


      It's also called "save the cat" which Blake Snyder re-coined with his screenwriting book of the same name. Protag does something that makes us like him right off the bat. I read Safe House (orig spec) recently and laughed out loud when the protag literally helps an old lady struggling with her groceries on page four. He "saved the cat"

    3. sbbn


      Thanks, guys. That makes sense. I prefer it to "save the cat."

    4. LAscribe88


      Remember in Inspector Gadget when Dr. Claw has MAD Cat?

  15. I really like Max's writing and his style but... man, that interview was something else. Wouldn't want any women I know near him.

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    2. Mike


      You just can't un-ring that bell.

    3. specwriter


      Is he of the John Landis family? I went to college with one of John Landis' nephews and he was a nice guy.

    4. sbbn


      He is the son of John Landis.

  16. Great ending. Much better than "cut to black..."

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    2. ddollar


      finished it. great finale. the outro song/dying scene was a return to the dark black humor the earlier seasons had. thought it was weird and fun.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Great outro scene. Very satisfying ending.

    4. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      I loved it. Tho, the cut to black was equally genius in its own way. Existential bullshit was the only way Sopranos could have ended, since the whole show was about "existential bullshit."

  17. In preparation for the final episode, I rewatched the Breaking Bad pilot. It's amazing how well written that show is from the get-go. THAT is how a pilot is supposed to be written.

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    2. sbbn


      At the very least, it's worth buying the series on blu-ray/dvd. I doubt tonights ending could be nearly as bad as Dexters - that whole season was weak.

    3. benskelly2


      Dustin, whatever you do DO NOT watch the ending tonight or read anything about this season. Start from the beginning and watch the whole series in order - thank us later.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      The pilot was an amazing read and obviously well executed. What a show.

  18. I just finished THIS IS 40. That was one depressing movie. I've seen holocaust movies more lighthearted than that. If that's what marriage is -- I am nothing but glad I didn't make that mistake!

  19. Any thoughts on Low Winter Sun pilot episode? I caught bits and pieces of it and other than the fact it tracked the script, I haven't decided what I think of it. (Breaking Bad was incredible, of course!)

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    2. sbbn


      Dean Norris was incredible in Breaking Bad (I know I'm jumping back to the beginning here) - when he hit the garage remote... man alive, that was incredible acting in that scene.

    3. sbbn


      sanguine - I've always been impressed by actors who seem to take their jobs seriously instead of just a path to fame. Say what you will about Tom Cruise (and he's done some bizarre stuff) but he is a damn hard worker from everything I know.

    4. sbbn


      It's interesting to hear the "lots of tone, no substance" comments. That's kind of how I felt watching it but I didn't see all of it and felt like I was being too quick to judge. The pilot felt like it was going to the tone of something like Breaking Bad without putting in the work to earn it. Breaking Bad is what it is because of all the seasons that went before this one.

  20. Stephen Gaghan wrote Call of Duty: Ghosts?? I would have bought the game anyway, but that's pretty fuckin awesome! I love that big games have been placing a lot of effort into creating compelling narratives.

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    2. sbbn


      I'm actually thinking of getting a playstation just because all of the awesomeness I've been hearing about The Last of Us.

    3. zkendall


      ya im wondering if theres a way to watch this storyline without playing the game.

    4. sbbn


      I can't speak to The Last of Us, but for other games with great narrative, I agree 100% with what Fsalmon1 said: you have to play the game to really immerse yourself in the story. You become invested and its more powerful than a movie (imo) when someone you have invested hours in either dies or does something shocking. I still remember playing a war game in which the character you play spends an entire level trying to escape a town only be be blown up in an atomic blast. That doesn...

  21. Random question - what type of siren is it that they use in the True Blood Season 6 teaser? I recognize it but can't place it. I thought it was a nuclear/civil defense siren but it's not, it's something completely different. This is driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Link to teaser:

    1. Jaco


      Here ya' go:



      I've tried several times to make this an embedded link but failed.


      True Blood slowed this down a bit.

    2. sbbn


      Nicely done - I hadn't even thought of that. I'd love to get the slowed down mp3 version for my phone. It's make a pretty intense ringtone.

  22. So... I think I missed something. What happened with ScriptShadow? I've been busy with work and house buying and apparently ScriptShadow is no longer reviewing scripts...? He's received death threats from pasty-skinned writers for years. What changed this time?

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    2. mikeyP_73


      I went to SS now and then and it was good snarky analysis and some solid tips, but nothing mind blowing. I think he's blown his wad but if he can find new writers and promote never before seen scripts that people love, he may be able to rise from the ashes. I just think he didn't stick to his "brand" and it fell apart. He is not a producer, he was a script coverage guy. Now, if he worked as a development exec or as a dev coordinator and secretly worked his way up and was...

    3. mikeyP_73


      ready to produce... then that would have been a different story. I think new writers need to be promoted and that's why I love Tracking-Board for their promotions and honesty

    4. sbbn


      huh. Interesting stuff. It will be fascinating to see where he goes from here.

  23. Trailer for Jack Reacher looks good. Doesn't look anything like what I remember from the screenplay for One Shot...? (granted, it's been a while since I read that one).

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    2. Hasmap


      Ianp - yes, I agree that it does seem a bit weird to have it in there as it doesn't go with the trailer.

    3. Escapist


      title's gotta change. it sounds like gay porn.

    4. Penelope


      Title won't change and the music is trailer junk much like Looper's (although the latest trailer is good). They are doing orchestra scores this week for Jack Reacher.

  24. Just finished reading Oblivion. WOW! Great stuff!

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    2. smythdenham


      Really liked it too.

    3. sbbn


      From what I understand they did change the title to "Horizons." Ugh, why can't the leave an awesome title alone instead of trying to seek out blandness like a laser-guided missile.

    4. ThaVillain


      I really liked this as well. Good story with what should be some awesome visuals. An entertaining and educational read.

  25. Just realized Wettest County in the World was renamed Lawless (yeah, I'm a bit slow)... what the hell? Another example of taking a memorable name and turning it into generic mush.

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    2. sbbn


      "Slow and incomprehensible"


      That's too bad -- looks like a decent flick but I haven't read the script yet so all I have to go off of is the trailers and it wouldn't be the first time a trailer has mislead me to believe in something great where nothing great was to be found.

    3. benskelly2


      LOL, Anon. Well done, sir.

    4. elevenbulls


      John Carter: Lawless.

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