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  1. Anyone have a prediction for Age of Extinction's weekend gross?

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      The audience BARKS out numbers. Random ones. Charlie turns away from the podium to acknowledge them. He turns back only to speak into the microphone. "I'll go with 65 milion, Drew." Drew Carey smiles, "65 million it is! The actual weekend number is!"

      TO BE CONT...

    3. axalon


      Really wish some of those moviegoers would see Snowpiercer instead, that movie deserves it.

    4. bladebeam1


      Wow, I thought maybe we'd see some franchise fatigue, but that doesn't seem so.

  2. Anyone see 22 Jump Street? How does it compare to 21 Jump Street?

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    2. bladebeam1


      Thanks everyone!

    3. ddollar


      Surprisingly much better than the first, and I loved the first.

    4. bladebeam1


      The screenplay has a "last time on 21 Jump St" at the beginning, like what a television show would have. Is that in the movie?

  3. Anyone seeing Days of Future Past tonight? I'm going at 10:15 eastern time.

    1. bladebeam1


      I've been lukewarm on the X-Men movies, but this one stuck me as EXCELLENT. I thought all the reviews were hyperbole, but I don't think that now.


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