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  1. Besides The Office, Workaholics and Parks and Rec, what are the names of some really good/really solid workplace tv comedies, dramas. and also dramedies?

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    2. aphid47


      Children's Hospital

    3. Ashish


      Ben Elton's The Thin Blue Line is an all-time fav.

    4. Jarrean


      Ground Floor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Reno 911, Getting On

  2. Saw The Gift last night. A really good movie. Joel Edgerton most definitely has the chops to be a damn good writer-director...

    1. lauriestark


      I just saw it and liked it also. I thought it had really tight pacing and great dialogue. Jason Bateman was excellent!

    2. sankofa


      The entire cast was excellent!!!!

  3. So thoughts about the Suicide Squad sizzle trailer that "leaked" yesterday? Honestly, I loved it! Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn *MIGHT* be an inspired casting choice that going to make her a star it seems. I can't wait to see it when it comes out next year!

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    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      I'm reading the 2.3.2011 draft right now and diggin' it.

    3. sankofa


      Mr. Cakes: Justin Marks' version? That was good. I am curious to read Ayer's version since I'm sure he changed it...but that was a solid read

    4. Hasmap


      I'm not sure in Joker or Harley. I love them in the general comic world, but I'm sure Harley Quinn is really Harley Quinn. I not a fan of the way she looks, but not do I think she should have a the red and black outfit. The Arkham games got her look right but in different way. Joker, think Jared Leto will be a splendid Joker, but his look is just all wrong with the tattoos, etc, its as the J on his face is trying to tell us who he is. We know that. The bright hair as oppose to the gru...

  4. Crime Drama Screenplays: Doing early work on a crime drama idea (movie) and I'm looking for great crime drama screenplays. I don't care if they're recent or not. Also doing a "genre study" of sorts too. So, favorite crime drama screenplays and movies. Go! :)

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    2. rwe15


      If you haven't seen Kubrick's THE KILLING give it a shot.

    3. mebishop2001



    4. sankofa


      all excellent choices everyone!!!! rwe15: I have not seen The Killing and will be adding it to my Netflix queue!!! mac: Thief is a classic! Reader George: I will have to buy his series on payday I have a few of them (Horror, Thriller and Comedy) and ALL have been extremely helpful to me as a writer!


      mebishop: Yes! I loved that movie and the graphic novel it was based on! :)


  5. Will the semifinalists scripts from the Launchpad Contest be loaded to The File Exchange? The Winners? Just wondering...

    1. admin


      I'm sure at some point. But I know the team has been busting their butts since announcing the top 25 to get all of these guys signed. I think half of them are so far, so probably once winners are announced, etc. there will be scripts. Not sure though.

    2. sankofa


      Oh ok. Great!

  6. So KRISTY finally came out..and talk about a trailer giving EVERYTHING away. http://ihorror.com/horror-movie-kristy/

    1. Escapist


      this came out? really? the Weinsteins had money to release a movie?

    2. sankofa


      LMAO @ the shadow knows. They did. it's opening overseas then maybe come here? I don't know. I remember when Emma Watson was considering this then passed on it. She made the right choice apparently....

  7. Anyone know of any examples of really good single camera comedy pilots?

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    2. sankofa


      thanks Craktactor! Additional question, is 30-35 pages the standard length for a single camera comedy pilot?

    3. agkinowerken


      Arrested Devlopment.



    4. LAscribe88


      Community, Californication, and New Girl/SLUTS by Liz Meriwether are some of favorite single-cam half-hours.

  8. Hollywood is remaking The Grudge (2004) *AND* Jacob's Ladder? No. Just NO :( http://www.deadline.com/2014/03/horror-hit-the-grudge-going-reboot-route/

    1. nazardo


      Remakes, reboots, regurgitation.

    2. axalon


      Jacob's Latter was one of the first screenplays I ever read. I absolutely loved it. Robbins was great in the role but unfortunately I felt a little let down by the movie itself.


      Granted, they simply didn't have the tech back in the late 80s/early 90s to pull off some of those effects well.


      I know I'm in the minority, but I'd be curious to see what they did with a Jacob's Latter remake.

    3. ThaVillain


      The Grudge? Really? It's not even a decade old yet. This is gettin damn ridiculous...

  9. Holland, Michigan and Bone Tomahawk: The writing is everything for both of these screenplays. I can't wait to see *BOTH* of these movies at the theater later this year/next year.

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    2. Pompalompa


      I hope Bone does well so we can see a lot more Craig Z. movies.

    3. ddollar


      hi sankofa, i'm doing well thanks. things are going pretty good, just trying to make it like everyone else. how about yourself?

    4. sankofa


      im doing well...writing and working and sleeping. A LOT :)

  10. Even though working night shift sucks balls sometimes, at least with my new schedule, i'll be able to actively manage my time and WRITE more often than I am now which is daily but, you know, more time during my everyday life to devote to writing. :)

    1. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      Time and freedom - that's the good stuff.

    2. sankofa


      Mr. Cakes: It really is. Something I haven't had much of for the past several months...

  11. So I have a copy of the Lee Daniels/Danny Strong pilot that's set up at FOX - EMPIRE. Can I add it to the 2014 pilot list or no? :)

    1. sankofa


      I posted Empire and a couple of TV comedy pilots in The File Exchange. Enjoy!

  12. oh wow...I'm back! How odd that I couldn't log on and now I can. Um, yay?! LOL Hope everyone is well...

  13. TB Red is KICKING MAJOR ASS!!! It's like a second Christmas with all of these pilots going up in the file exchange! WHOOP! WHOOP! :)

    1. Mysterian


      Agreed, good work Red!

  14. Question: I'm looking for screenplays in the vein of Roman Polanski's Repulsion: relatively contained, psychological horror/thrillers with small casts. Also any movies you can suggest similar to Repulsion? Psycho and Black Swan came to mind though they aren't exactly like Repulsion they do exist in a similar plane (main character struggling to maintain their sense of sanity/losing their sanity, etc. Thanks!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Babzbitela


      produced preferred?


    3. sankofa


      thanks guys! and Babz: it can by produced and not produced. I'm just trying to find examples similar to the vein the idea i'm currently cooking up in my head to go, etc.


    4. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      Check out DEATH AND THE MAIDEN. Also Polanski.

  15. Just put up the first original TV pilot I've ever written. It's in Works in Progress. Would love feedback, suggestions, critiques!

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