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  1. "Ben is Back" reaffirms that if Peter Hedges is involved, you're probably in for a rewarding experience.

  2. Looking for something to read. Any recs for decent specs from this year?

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    2. drb000


      Well, damn, I won't pry, but hopefully this exchange means congrats!

    3. SMD


      No congrats yet, but thanks! I have a shot, but won't know until it's release.

    4. drb000


      You have a shot - that's all one can ask for. Here's hoping

  3. Totally go see the amazing "Eighth Grade" asap (especially if you have Moviepass, cause those days appear to be numbered). Gucci!

  4. Wasn't a big fan of Grand Budapest, but Isle of Dogs is fantastic. Moves much faster than other Anderson flicks

    1. Nic.Lishko


      Loved Isle of Dogs. Can't wait to see it again.

    2. benskelly2


      Good to hear. Hope to see it this week.

  5. Blockers is fantastic! Great characters, never boring, and moves super fast. I left the theater with a big smile on my face

    1. Saul Panzer

      Saul Panzer

      Very funny. Barinholtz was especially good. Nice chemistry all around.

    2. drb000


      He's becoming one of those guys who I smile every time I see him in a movie. And I'm starting to get really impressed with John Cena. He goes all in and his willing to try anything. After him and The Rock, I imagine there'll be a few more movie stars that come from the WWE

  6. Is there a reason both Paddington movies are released in early January stateside and miss the Oscar cut-off? These movies are amazing (I see Paddington 1 wasn't even nominated in the animation category).

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    2. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      They had to get rid of Weinstein name from 2.

    3. benskelly2


      Wouldn’t qualify for an animated film Oscar. Except for a very particular bear, it’s live action, no?

    4. drb000


      Ah, ok. That is a great point about it not qualifying. I guess I'm so taken in by that amazing bear it never even crossed my mind.

  7. My script "Breaking Them Up" is currently a semifinalist over at Bluecat. It's in the Works in Progress section if anyone wants to take a look before I'm eliminated next round.

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    2. drb000


      You're right. i'm just playing the expectations game in my head/out loud

    3. Jarrean


      Congrats, for what it's worth.

    4. drb000


      Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed. These contests are kind of like lotto tickets

  8. For my current script, I'm looking for great journalism movies/scripts to study if anyone has recommendations (looking for lesser known stuff). I started a thread in the "Looking For...'" section if anyone wants to respond. Thanks.

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    2. Preminger


      Zodiac, Absence of Malice, True Crime, the year of living dangerously, the Insider, the wire season 5

    3. Preminger


      Parallax view

    4. drb000


      Thanks. I forgot about True Crime.

  9. "Their Finest" is a really entertaining movie about filmmaking/screenwriting. At 87% on RT. Go see it!

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    2. drb000


      I hadn't heard much either up until recently. I just saw multiple good reviews, and then saw it was from Lone Scherfig ("An Education"). But I didn't even know it was about filmmaking. A really nice surprise. I love going in blind.

    3. palostick


      Went on your recommendation. Loved it.

    4. drb000


      Glad you enjoyed. It's weird how so under the radar this came in. I guess that's sadly just the current state of things.

  10. Anyone have any good recommendations for good unprod. heist scripts? I've read a lot of them, like "Leonardo Job", "Met Gala Heist", etc. but looking for ones I may have missed

  11. If you're on the TB Forum right now instead of seeing "The Edge of Seventeen", then you are doing life wrong. Go see it (unless you already have)!

    1. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      Yeah, I enjoyed that one.

    2. drb000


      The characters were just so great, and there were the little details, like when Woody Harrelson asks her if she bought a donut while she waited to be picked up. It's such a tiny moment, but something like that encapsulates how well the characters were developed

  12. If you're on the TB Forum right now instead of seeing "The Edge of Seventeen", than you are doing life wrong. Go see it (unless you already have)!

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