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  1. instead of pushing the envelope, make a whole new envelope

  2. funny how that screw up on spectre and sam mendes hasn't directed since.

  3. today i found a $100,000 dishwasher that you could lease and i think i died of laughter. could you imagine standing next to it being like this is a good dishwasher.

  4. not prince : (

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    2. craktactor


      He could rock it with the best of them. He could drop soul second to none. He could funk you up! A truly talented m****rf****r.


    3. nazardo


      Just watched his New Girl episode the other day :( So sad. One of a kind talent.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      SNL Prince tribute tonight. And just about every radio station...

  5. my subscription is coming to an end. it usually gets cut off at my birthday (the 28th, tomorrow, that’s style for you) before it expires a month before the actual date. i don’t care. any reason i should stay around. i love when you talk, but it’s pretty quiet here without the influx at the end of the year and beginning of january. will being around you help me as a writer or should i go on, exploring the rest of the internet?

    1. adlocke
    2. Escapist


      the access to material here is pretty unparalleled.

    3. zkendall


      is there anything better out there

  6. i think my dream job besides writer would be a twitter manager. here's the scenario. "listen keanu, john leguizamo said we need more diversity. send him a tweet about how you agree with him speaking up. also you're gonna be on the shaq podcast, so tell the fans. also say something about how you feel really at home right now, and we'll put up a picture." doesn't that sound like it would be so much fun.

  7. any new industry documentaries you know about?

    1. adlocke


      well i'll throw this out there. chance you'll catch it. Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show

  8. hateful 8 is kind of a piece of crap. i can't imagine a lot of "story" in 3 hours in a store.

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    2. ThaVillain


      Glad your taste is so refined. Hope you enjoy whatever films meet your standards this holiday season!

    3. adlocke


      yeah, there's something out there i had my eye on.

    4. adlocke


      the blacklist. i got it for $10 round black friday. i for one think that's a sweet deal for 15 hours of entertainment.

  9. star wars comes out in a week and i haven't seen one ad for it on tv. weird huh?

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    2. egerst


      Star Wars IS merchandising that's like going to a football game and complaining about all the players running into each other. Disney the world's biggest entertainment conglomerate didn't plunk down 4billion dollars because they are lovers of good sic fi they paid that much because Star Wars is the biggest brand on the planet.

    3. adlocke
    4. adlocke


      just saw one. all too timely. you been reading my comments.. j.j.?

  10. How do you guys feel about getting (film) coverage? For or against it?

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    2. StringerBell


      I've never used a reader. I have friends who read my scripts (and I read theirs in return). I'd advise against paying readers generally, but if a writer feels the need to get feedback, she should get it from a pro with film/TV credits.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Also, if you're able to get it into a prodco, it'll be judged against whatever else is circulating within that genre, so that's another reason for at some point to get professional perspective, whether friends in the biz or if you have to pay for it.


    4. babybruck2


      I chose a reader who was recommended by a trusted producer friend. Worth the critique thousand times over.


  11. Is a World of Warcraft movie cool? Your thoughts.

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    2. adlocke


      rings and the cgi monsters looked like they were probably as best as they could get. not too convincing. don't know any of the actors or characters so i wouldn't have that moment where you recogize them for the first time which is the whole point of these movies. i'm more of a bring books to life kinda guy, y'know where you already know the storyline but you look to catch the differences, but again, can't do that here. i used to play hollywood stock exchange as a kid so th...

    3. adlocke


      this was a long time ago and i'm surprised that's still a thing, but it seems like something i would of bought. i wasn't very good at it, so i don't know if that's any indicator of if everybody will like it. probably will crush over in china. overall, i think i could settle into it. the trailer didn't overload you with a whole lotta action, so it looks like they're trying to invest in the story. i'd say seems cool.

    4. rywold


      I played a lot back in the day, from 04-08 or so. It has a huge built-in audience. Probably 20-40 million subscribers since 2004. Even more that play other MMOs and RPGs. I'd bet on it pulling in big $$. Skyrim, Runescape, Everquest, lots of potential worlds out there if this one does well.

  12. God...I wanna read Paul Sanford's script so bad. I'd give my place in heaven.

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    2. Paul Sanford

      Paul Sanford

      I'm polishing it up for a staged reading the Austin is hosting this Saturday, so I'd like to wait before circulating it. But I appreciate the interest!

    3. adlocke


      and we appreciate you telling us about it. hope it wins nw.

    4. Nic8767


      Hope it wins, Paul. It sounds intriguing!


  13. Project Greenlight has a new episode tomm. Free for the weekend if you have Directv.

    1. benskelly2


      Everyone in the world owes Matt Damon an apology. My god, Effie is obnoxious.

    2. adlocke


      she's like i went up to him all excited for a pat on the head because i told him he could get the stunt as he wanted it, but he didn't thank me. seems a little insecure like that's supposed to make you a good producer? then he's like you told me i could have the stunt as i wanted and she's like nononono. it's a mess. she ruined the movie. he's probably already thrown in the towel like whatever i'll just finish it, who gives a shit.

    3. benskelly2


      She says, Everybody likes working with me. Uhh, no they don't...they're just afraid to say anything to you! More than a little insecure, she comes off like she's always on the verge of a breakdown. Even when she smiles, she has two speeds: panic and rage. I thought Jason was spoiled at first, and maybe he is, but at least he gets along with most everyone. I love the First AD - he's the kind of unflappable guy you want in your corner.

  14. Could someone describe the bidding process for a spec script? What's that conversation like? Is it like a draft day war room scenario and can a studio back out of a bid, i mean obviously they can if the writer doesn't pick it up in time, but what are other elements that you know of?

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