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  1. Looking for spec PILOTS to read. Any recommendations?

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    2. sankofa
    3. naugehyde


      THank you, Sankofa. Do you know if those pilots were written on spec (without a blind deal/not bought on pitch)?

    4. sankofa


      Andrew that I can't tell you because I have no idea...

  2. Just watched Black List writer Christopher MacBride's feature debut, THE CONSPIRACY. It's a corker! Check it out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2330322/

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    2. naugehyde


      Sure flew under the radar that one did. Almost makes you wonder if... nah. That's not possible... OR IS IT?

    3. DonKasparoza


      I'm in NY, and plenty of people here question what really happened on 9-11.

    4. DonKasparoza


      Creatively speaking though, they did a great job on such a small film. I really liked it. PS-- this flew under the radar just like "Kill The Messenger" did. Perhaps certain people didn't want them released? Who knows.

  3. Anyone else here who can give a rat's ass about yet more over-sized, over-hyped Marvel movies?

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    2. penguinsalad


      Overdosing a little.

    3. aphid47


      I don't give a shit about super hero movies anyway.

    4. DonKasparoza


      Could care less. A good movie's a good movie, doesn't matter whether or not you spent $500million on it.

  4. So can I assume QT isn't looking for notes on Hateful Eight?

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    2. dsjones


      Sorry, but this was wide spread dissemination for profit. They can fuck themselves.


    3. benskelly2
    4. dsjones


      Gawker. By putting it on their site they got advertiser traffic.

  5. Check out great vid about the biz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLhsh-zYW0s&sns=fb

    1. storymaps99


      Ha! Very well done. Who made this?

  6. Is Thor (Reboot) in development yet?

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