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  1. What is the best Drama, Thriller or Action spec that you have read recently, that is still available?

    1. sankofa


      Taylor Sheridan's Comancheria, Padre (What up, Mike?) and everything else mentioned here


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  2. Zhang Yimou finally makes his Hollywood debut. As a fan, I hope this isn't going to be another case of a talented Eastern helmer producing a clunker his first time at bat, like Wong Kar-Wai and Park Chan-Wook.

  3. Have an action packed night of TV planned with new episodes of 'The Walking Dead', 'True Detective' and 'Black Sails'. That's some must watch TV!

    1. sankofa


      um season 2 of Hannibal in less than 2 weeks! And Orphan Black! WHOOT! WHOOT! :)


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  4. This biopic trend is really wearing me out.

    1. sankofa


      Mysterian: agreed on Tyler Perry. Is there anyway we can send his ass to hell...NOW?! smh

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  5. This biopic trend is really wearing me out.

    1. sankofa


      ddollar: says the man who wrote a biopic i can't wait to see :)

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  6. Bad Robot, Scott Free, Verve, Energy Entertainment, Bad Hat Harry, Caliber Media Co, Gersh, Resolution, DMG, Madhouse Entertainment, Benderspink, Circle of Confusion, Romark Entertainment, WME, Station3, Manus Entertainment, Hopscotch Pictures, Dark Factory, Kailey Marsh, Rosa Entertainment & Anarchy Entertainment... just a few of the places judging the Launch Pad Pilot Competition. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER! http://bit.ly/1hU1t39

  7. So I have a copy of the Lee Daniels/Danny Strong pilot that's set up at FOX - EMPIRE. Can I add it to the 2014 pilot list or no? :)

  8. Just submitted my entry to Launch Pad...

  9. My first ever screenplay just got a 7 on the black list!

  10. Sooo Philomena is pretty much Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy without motorcylces and guns?

  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to see if any of you guys are interested in helping out as mods on the forums this year? Lost a few of my fellow colors last year. Any interest?

  12. Bought 1 story note for the indie and 2 full coverages for my other two (amazing deals!). This is going to be an awesome year!

  13. Really not sure how to feel about American Hustle. On one hand, I admire the theme of the story and the ambition of the storytelling; on the other hand, it feels like a hot mess and is just not as satisfying as it should be.

    1. sankofa


      American Hustle was some steaming doo doo. Decent cast but seriously, exactly *when* did Bradley Cooper becoming a leading man because he was horrible in this. I love JLaw--she can read a phone book on a stage adn it would be riveting. But, she had nothing to do. And I'm not even buying the "best supporting actress" buzz for her. She had a couple of arguments and that (clearly) overdone bad singing and dancing to "Live And Let Die". which means Lupita is so *NOT* getting o...

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  14. DD CONGRATS on making the blacklist!!!!!

  15. Congratulations to all of you who made The Hit List!!!

  16. Much thanks to Kristen and Ted for the clickity-clicking. All the TB Colors for, well, being you. And a special congrats to Mr. Dollar for making both lists (equally of import). And to each and every member here, may the coming year find you all safe, sane-ish, and as near to your dreams as you can be. :)

  17. Did I miss something or am I just really drunk? Isn't there some kind of list supposta be comin out today?

  18. Anyone up for creating a Tracking Board Writer's Group?

    1. sankofa


      Congrats, Dan!!! Start figuring out what designer you're going to for your Oscar suit! :)

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  19. Clocking in at 89 pages, the fastest first draft I've ever done for my first Horror/Thriller. It's not great by any means, but hoorah, it's done. FOR NOW.

  20. My latest draft of Cipher Crash is up for this week's ametuer submission on scriptshadow. So please vote for it if you don't mind.

  21. I'm sure everyone's seen it by now, but um, did you see this judging panel - http://bit.ly/1bXNvcp

  22. Question: I'm looking for screenplays in the vein of Roman Polanski's Repulsion: relatively contained, psychological horror/thrillers with small casts. Also any movies you can suggest similar to Repulsion? Psycho and Black Swan came to mind though they aren't exactly like Repulsion they do exist in a similar plane (main character struggling to maintain their sense of sanity/losing their sanity, etc. Thanks!

  23. Guys and Gals...I need some awesome horror scripts please. I just had a crazy meeting with producers who want to produce a horror film, but refuse to watch them.

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