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  1. What's the best pilot you've read in recent memory? The Blacklist pilot is so dang good and I dug Extant.

    1. sankofa


      Penny Dreadful, Extant, Hannibal, Elementary, Constantine. Lots of them :)

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  2. Another day, another dandol--dollar. Just finished a new script and am sending it out for notes! WOOP!

    1. sankofa


      omg Charlie Brown *AND* Dan Dollar ARE REAL PEOPLE?! *clutches the pearls and faints* :)

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  3. Wish it was good screenwriting news to report, but it is still exciting. Got word from Temple that I will be fully funded in my doctorate program this fall! Now I'll have plenty of time to hack out queries to managers lol

  4. If you are an aspiring screenwriter who wants desperately to tell the stories that pop in your head at all hours of the day, the FUCKING IGNORE all this nonsense, about what is a sale and what isn't. Jesus. The people talking about this the most, won't be around in two years. Get a bottle. Stand in a lightning storm and pray you capture it. Or just write great stuff. You do the math.

    1. sankofa


      I freely admit I never got into this for the money. I just enjoy writing and always have, even when I denied myself this simple truth for years...this is what I'm meant to be doing and I am. Yea, if the money comes, it comes. I'm still going to be writing.

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  5. Pretty sobering and worth a read: http://aspiringtvwriter.blogspot.com

    1. sankofa


      wow neo45, that puts a whole new spin on Amanda. Her blog is nice but yes problematic given her advice. But like you said, she gets reads...So yea there's that.


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  6. I love Mike Maples.

    1. sankofa


      Mike Maples is fantastic *AND* he's a Hannibal! RULE!!!!!!!

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  7. Wow, Snowpiercer really blew me away. One of the best sci-fi movies I've seen in years.

  8. Are there any decent places online to get pilot coverage?

  9. My latest action thriller, Kennedy Space Center, is going out. Wish me luck!

  10. What did everyone think of the Sin City: A Dame to Kill for trailer? I wasn't sure about the music. The trailer itself seemed okay, but its early days, and I have have high expectations for it considering how much I loved the first one. Did Miller write the script himself or was RR involved? I know Monaghan did a draft. After the Spirit, I'd worry if It was just Miller writing.

  11. Holland, Michigan and Bone Tomahawk: The writing is everything for both of these screenplays. I can't wait to see *BOTH* of these movies at the theater later this year/next year.

  12. Holland, Michigan and Bone Tomahawk: The writing is everything for both of these screenplays. I can't wait to see *BOTH* of these movies at the theater later this year/next year.

  13. Helping TB get this book out there. Please tweet, retweet, three tweet as much as you can #specbook - Ladies & Gents, we are very proud to introduce our "2013 Spec Market: Year in Review" w/ 350 pages of exclusive data http://bit.ly/NEzzOe

  14. Academy Awards or True Detective... Well, that's an easy choice. I'll find out who won the awards on twitter or something.

    1. sankofa


      so who has the 411 on the Steve McQueen/John Ridley cold shoulder shade tonight? hrmmmmm

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  15. Hannibal Lecter did this to me.

  16. Congrats on the TB Rec CB! All the best going forward - can't wait to see where this goes!

  17. Spent the ady yesterday at the multiplex while my truck was being worked on. 3 Days To Kill was completely forgetable, even though I enjoyed the script last year. Robocop wa a steaming turd. My passion is the craft of screenwriting. I'm a movie nut. I'm a story junkie. I'm a script hound. So why is that I can't remember the last time a film actually satisfied me... I have high hopes for Noah, even though Hollywood (Sodom and Gomorrah) looks like it's trimmed the ev...

    1. sankofa


      yea nothing about Noah excites me. Darren Aaronofsky directing it or not. Yes, do visit Netflix. So MANY gems to be found there...

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  18. Even though working night shift sucks balls sometimes, at least with my new schedule, i'll be able to actively manage my time and WRITE more often than I am now which is daily but, you know, more time during my everyday life to devote to writing. :)

  19. What is the best Drama, Thriller or Action spec that you have read recently, that is still available?

    1. sankofa


      TB Red: I think Comancheria is still available also...

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  20. Watching True Detective is like watching someone bleed onto the page and screen. Just amazing work.

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