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  1. Happy Holidays to one and all. Just like to say this consistently stays a great resource. Thanks to all the contributors - Hit List, Black List, FYC scripts, old scripts, spec scripts, TV scripts. Just great. Thank you. Now make sure you read some of the scripts instead of just having a million of them. So much to learn. Never give up on your writing dreams. Never ever.

  2. Anyone want to hazard a guess how much money Shonda Rimes earns a year as the world's most successful writer-producer. $10m? $50m?

  3. Babadoooooook

    1. sankofa


      Why Essie Davis isn't in the Best Actress Oscar conversation this season is beyond me...

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  4. Didn't want to hijack Fsalmon's post about Serial, so adding this post. I'm new to podcasts (other than film-related ones). Do any of you have any great podcast recommendations?

    1. sankofa


      The Moment, The Treatment by Elvis Mitchell, The Read, Radiolab (done by two guys who are alums of my undergraduate alma mater), etc. so many to choose from :)

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  5. Will the semifinalists scripts from the Launchpad Contest be loaded to The File Exchange? The Winners? Just wondering...

  6. Variety gives Interstellar an unqualified rave and 'instant classic' status, comparing it The Wizard Of Oz and 2001. Here we go.

  7. I miss this website. Oh, how I miss this website.

    1. sankofa


      we miss you Castor!!!!! OMG chat! I haven't been in ages!!! Good Lordt!

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  8. So KRISTY finally came out..and talk about a trailer giving EVERYTHING away. http://ihorror.com/horror-movie-kristy/

  9. I'm a huge Fincher fan, but Gone Girl didn't blow me away. Performances were good, especially Pike and Perry. I'm not sure if it was the photography but it came off a little dull.

    1. sankofa


      Spec_Writer: LMAO Ben's doing the chicken legs diet?! What's up with folk not doing squats and deadlifts these days? so weird...LOL

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  10. Congrats to my good friend, Mark Lawyer on his new management company. Without Mark, PADRE might still be available.

  11. Excited! My horror-thriller just made it to the top 10 at Austin and top 25 at Page in its category. Hope to see some of you in Austin.

  12. NIGHTCRAWLER was fantastic. Gyllenhaal knocks it out of the park. Beautifully shot. Every bit as good as the screenplay. Please support this movie.

  13. Nightcrawler Trailer:

    excited to finally see this come out!
  14. Books that you *cannot* believe were either never turned into films or never optioned to begin with. Go.

  15. Leftovers was alright but Justin Theroux was great. Why is this guy not working more?

  16. Revised "MAYA" after excellent critique from paid Coverage at TB. Upped it to the Blcklst again: http://bit.ly/1lGvLWF

  17. Looking for some reads on a new feature. In the vein of The Place Beyond the Pines -- holding off on WIP for now. Always ready to return the favor if that's an incentive.

  18. Just completed "The Dirrogate". Now on the BlckLst and awaiting TB eval verdict :)

  19. Anyone know of any examples of really good single camera comedy pilots?

  20. The number of writers getting signed up with reps off the back of the TB pilot contest is truly amazing

    1. sankofa


      i for one am inspired to not only keep writing but keep going and I know that TB is the place where more people are getting discovered, getting repped and all that. So i'm thankful for this site and the community here


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  21. The number of writers getting signed up with reps off the back of the TB pilot contest is truly amazing

  22. Hannibal Season 2 might be the greatest piece of television I have ever seen. That finale, while slow at times, builds to the most emotionally devastating set piece to air on television.

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