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  1. Reading When The Street Lights Go On. REALLY good 57 pages in..Updating member reviews all day...

  2. Reading When The Street Lights Go On. REALLY good 57 pages in..Updating member reviews all day...

  3. Read the Nicholl winner "Cutter" and can't get it out of my head - highly recommend. Nothing mind bending - just great story telling and a great dilemma

  4. Anyone going to the Mondo Mystery Movies at the New Bev this weekend??

  5. Who would you hire to write an epic screenplay ?

  6. Funniest comment EVER re Transformers3 : As a one-eyed writer, I am offended that I do not have a chance to see the film at the midnight advance showings because they are all 3D. There are plenty of other monoculists out there who are as pissed as I am. Maybe I should sue under the Persons With Disabilities Act. I’ve got my eye on you, Mr. Bay.


    1. tbblue


      I really loved it. Duffield has as an energetic writing style that's fun to read!

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  8. subtitles for SALT 2? Salty-er? The Saltening?

  9. Sorry but I had to shaare this...my son Emile was born this morning at 5h25. Awesome !

  10. thinks since they're insisting on rebooting "Fletch" that they go after Joel McHale.

  11. The First pic of Tom Hardy as Bane is awesome. He looks so bulked and bad-ass. And the mask, looks so cool.

  12. what are the chances of The Chicago Code getting renewed? Love the show, just heard rumblings that it's underperforming in Fox's eyes.

  13. absolutely loved the first episode of "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" web series. Looking forward to following all nine episodes.

  14. Can anyone name any examples of filmmakers who made a short/trailer/teaser to acquire funding for their feature...and whom were most importantly SUCCESSFUL at the afformentioned

    1. tbblue


      Do you remember the Fake Eli Roth Clown trailer?

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  15. So... We made a short (kind of a teaser) for our feature and it's got into the "A Night of Horror Film Festival" in Sydney (April 6th) Check out the stills from the short at http://www.facebook.com/playthingsmovie#!/album.php?fbid=196027290420248&id=110856348937343&aid=43302

  16. If I see a screenplay with another GD title that has "Douchebag" in it I am going to scream... Maybe I should write a script called DOUCHEBAG - 3D - IN SPACE

  17. My short film, "Cataplexy" just won BEST SHORT in the Omaha Film Festival (beating out the Oscar-winning "God of Love")! Pretty excited. You can watch the full short in Showcase forum, should you want to.

  18. A Bodyguard remake is really what the world has been missing.

    1. tbblue


      I hope it's the opening of TAKEN, but stretched out over 100 minutes of Liam Neeson kicking ass.

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  19. Just posted my review of Repent, Harlequin Said the Ticktockman. Best script of the damn year.

  20. The best news of the day has got to be that Detroit will finally be getting a Robocop statue. Philly has Rocky, Detroit has Robocop, if Los Angeles had to pick ONE statue to be an iconic representation, who would it be???

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