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  1. Anyone hear from Austin FF yet?

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Had a friend among their readers: ~40 scripts/wk in the initial round. No revelation here but the scripts that advanced had good scene depth. That was biggest complaint: scenes focused just on plot, or just on character, and theme nonexistent.

    3. Cdrzewie


      thats an insane amount of scripts to judge pr/week... Also just realized the notification dates I found online were from 08', so yeah its prob not this week

    4. jptorma


      Letter I received on 8-13 said mid September for announcements by mail.

  2. Having a hard time coming up with a Sea-Captain character, whenever I hear his voices in my head its just lines from Jaws...

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    2. admin


      or "voices" because he's Ahab's son with multiple personalities on the hunt for Moby Dick's son. Or it was all in his head... cue sirens from inception here.

    3. benskelly2


      Here's to swimmin' with bowlegged women.

    4. Mike


      Make him autistic, but a savant with the ways of currents and fluid dynamics as his thing. And absolutely no fear of large fish. Then give him a fear of wind. Imagine a sailor afraid of wind. Put Freud on the boat and you're talking 7 figures. Assuming Godyssey doesn't suck all the air out of the room. Hey, it's the holidays.

  3. Lords of Salem may have just been the worst movie Ive ever seen and Im a huge RZ fan

  4. It may not be Austin, but I'm pretty psyched to be nominated for best screenplay at Screamfest LA

    1. craig


      Where's the LIKE button?

    2. Writer


      Nice! Seems like everyday someone from the TB crew gets some good news. Lovin' it!

  5. Anyone else not get the password email today?

  6. What's no longer funny-> Splicing the word "man" into your title...

    1. sbbn


      Or splicing "fuck" or "fucking" into a title (as though that lame-ass attempt to be witty that makes up for piss-poor writing...)

    2. Nic.Lishko
    3. Dr. Sameglove

      Dr. Sameglove

      Double Agreed. Fucking Man-over it.

  7. I miss Mike DeLuca's friday morning blogs

    1. KeatonHelm
    2. sankofa


      +2 (aka I agree also)

  8. Just had a twenty minute convo with Robert Kamen about Taken, he said the main reason he thought it worked so well is because there is no b-story...

    1. sangun


      Do mainstream movies have b-stories? I thought they had gone the way of character actors.

    2. RazorBlade1968


      B Story is usually the love interest anymore, or the overall bad guy story; i.e. BOURNE. The A story is Jason Bourne trying to solve the mystery of who he is and what he is and all the action that comes with. The B story is the soap opera within the intelligence agency - house oversight committee, secret ops without approval, etc. The love interest with Franke Potente is just window dressing for the A story. But I think that's a good example of an A/B story that works.


  9. Can anyone recommend a good mockumentary script? I know alot of these are improv but I still want to read a few... Thanks

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    2. mikeyP_73
    3. Cdrzewie


      ill check it out thanks mikey

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      "Life of Brian" was a bit of a mock, was it not? :-)


  10. thought the Evil Dead script was surprisingly decent... NC17...but decent

  11. Anyone going to the Mondo Mystery Movies at the New Bev this weekend??

    1. tbblue


      I tried to so hard to get in on any of the days, but alas, it was brutal trying to buy tickets.

    2. Cdrzewie


      I got lucky, I picked one up right at the start then went back like two hours later after the site came back up and picked up tix to fri night and sunday


    3. cdsuser


      I just want the poster :)


  12. Started off my monday having someone from Germany call and pitch a treatment apparently written by a "prophet" who foretold her childrens movie would be bigger than Harry Potter... gonna be a long week

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    2. admin


      If you're not going to take it, we might swoop in and snatch it up :-)

    3. SeeriousTimes


      I'll second Hwood Trojan. Race you to it?

    4. aphid47


      She must have talked to the Psychic Friends Network

  13. I was expecting more specs to come out this week with the apparent "carmageddon" upon us. Execs at home, on the couch...

  14. So my friend at work is a good buddy of a producer of one of the animation domination toons. He asked him if I could submit a spec for the show, the reply was that they dont read specs of their shows, only original pilots...

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    2. LeftyJones


      Reason 1: It's hard for the writer. You submit a spec CSI to the Bones people, they might know the show, but they're judging you on concept, pacing, dialogue, general writing skill,etc... But you submit a CSI spec to CSI producers who know every tiny bit of that show inside and out... You're opening yourself up to a whooping. They'll pounce on even the tiniest mistakes. It's like copying a painting, then asking the original artist to judge you. Never gonna win.

    3. LeftyJones


      Reason 2: Legal... You submit a spec to a show. Now whatever's in your script, they can never do an episode or character beat like that for fear of being sued for theft. And let's face it, there's only so many stories. You send a spec about a dead hooker at the MGM... And they've already got one about a dead hooker at Mandalay ready to shoot -- oops. Now they have to dump the ep they already wrote. It's easier just to have a blanket policy of not reading their own.

    4. LeftyJones


      Exceptions to the above? Very very few... However -- In the 90s, the various Star Trek shows did actually accept specs of their own. That's how Bryan Fuller started his career.

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