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  1. As TB Blue would say, "there's a movie in HERE somewhere": http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/11/west-philly-teens-build-g_n_1004723.html

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    2. 2many


      It's already a movie. Denzel producing with ALCON pitcures. Charles Stone III (Drumline) directing. It's gonna be a good one!

    3. 2many


      okay, not a movie, but it's already in the works....

    4. Shining1


      Kick ass story!

  2. Ridley Scott making on a new project in the Bladerunner universe? Am I dreaming? Obviously, excellent news. I am hoping that the project is a sequel or spin-off, not a "reboot" but let's wait and see.

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater


      Who cares....


      Ridley + Blade Runner DNA + $200M budget + 3D = AWESOME...!

  3. I wish there was a mini-Blacklist of scripts to read for the August lull. A vacation beach read list? The Dog Days Script List? Perhaps this is a good time of year for the Gray List?

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      how about...just ONE good script.


      I mean DAMN...NOTHING has caught my eye lately.


      This time last year shit was buzzing with specs.


      lucky i don't care anymore

    2. mikeyP_73


      Ya - nothing since Father Daughter Time has really caught fire... has any spec this year sold for 7 figures yet?

  4. Let this be a cautionary tale in how NOT to get your script read.http://beverlyhills.patch.com/articles/suspicious-package-blown-up-in-beverly-hills#c

    1. Alexy
    2. mikeyP_73


      That happened to Blake Snyder once - not the blowing up suitcase part - but he wrote a script called "Nuclear Family" and he put the script in a canister with the biohazard/nuclear symbol on it... in his situation though, the script sold to Spielberg for $1 Million Dollars

    3. Zoned


      lol. A whole new definitive twist on the "Hot Spec Script". Hmm... after the police interview, I wonder if the next call that writer received was from an agent working in that building? Perhaps, to inquire if he had anything else; preferably, in the same genre?

  5. I just got an email about this new financing strategy. Does anyone know about this? http://www.yourmoneyyourmovie.com/home

    1. mikeyP_73


      It's kind of like Kickstarter.com - but, only one project at a time (for now it seems) gets the attention. I guess what I don't understand is what is the budget they want to reach for their first feature? I think there is excitement in watching a goal meter/thermometer on screen to see how much $ was/is raised. Plus since it seems like a lot of work to establish the site, pick the script(s), etc how does YMYM make money? What's their back end take? All that aside, it's a...

    2. Bodhi1701


      The budget and all that info is there. I read thru it -- looks like an $8 mill budget they already picked the script. Not interested in the premise of it myself.

    3. mikeyP_73


      Ah! Yes... duh... I didn't see that right away. Wow... do you know how many people have to get in then to raise $8MM!? Wow... if they can pull it off, it would be an amazing feat in the industry right?

  6. Yeah, Snow White is the latest "it-girl" casualty in the public domain follies. And, admittedly, I'm guilty of contemporized classical character reboots in my own work. But we're on overload now. It's like how every thriller pitch is like "Taken". (It's like Taken but a musical...in 3D....It's like Taken but instead of Liam Neeson, it has Kevin Sorbo wearing a Nicholas Cage mask...It's like Taken but the whole movie takes place inside a coffin in the ba...

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    2. Bodhi1701


      Or they'll combine the two gluts to make one ginormous glut -- then we'll finally get the Batman vs. Dracula movie that we've all been secretly longing for. (Not a joke, btw. You know you'd go....)

    3. mikeyP_73


      I am hear to tell you the next big thing isn't fairy tales... it's RAIN MAN ... yep ... it's going to be like "Inception" meets "RAIN MAN" in 3D or It's like "Despicable Me" meets "RAIN MAN" in 4D ;-p

    4. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      U guys r all hating the formula man. Love + action + werewolves/vamps/zombies/etc + 3D + IMAX + my dick (oops that was "Fight Club") = my new script assholes! I'm gonna be rich biiiiiiiiitch!

  7. I enjoyed reading Grimm, the new pilot NBC just picked up. It has potential.

  8. Add my voice to the chorus of Thanks!

  9. Saw "Black Swan" tonight. It's intense. Beautiful at times. But also dark and disturbing. -- so, so disturbing -- but even beautiful then. It's a difficult but compelling experience.

    1. mikeyP_73


      Can't wait to see it!

    2. Nic.Lishko


      Definitely am trying to get to the gofobo screening, but I don't have the code for Scottsdale's screening.

    3. Bodhi1701


      It isn't the movie of the year for me. Still haunting and good but sometimes heavy-handed. It plays like a mild anxiety attack.

  10. Red: Driver by Roger Avary doesn't have the file attached. Must not have uploaded.

  11. I think this is just an adjustment period, Ev1l. Don't sweat it. There's some really great stuff in the file exchange right now that I can't keep up with it.

  12. Read "The Forgotten Man." Really, really enjoyed it. a perfect blend of sci-fi world with action-adventure tone. It really needs to be handled by an extremely competent director. It could still become a bad-movie if it is plagued by poor design choices or the action isn't handled well. But a great read.

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Last 60pages of that script blew Barnie balls

  13. Wow. The logline for Happytime Murders is wild! Just downloaded it. Has anyone read it yet?

    1. admin


      Read the new draft this afternoon, and really dug it!

    2. mikeyP_73


      It felt like a 70's crime caper at first and the tone is great... it feels like a more subversive Roger Rabbit ... and with Ave Q doing so well ... I can totally see this being one of those word of mouth hits in the theaters ,,,


    3. boynotorious


      It was a fun read. Highly recommended.

  14. hey everybody. still trying to learn my way around here. lots of nooks and crannies to click on.

  15. hey DD. Finally joined.

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