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  1. Informal Script Format Poll: Bold scene headings or not bold scene headings?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. adlocke


      either werks

    3. Astral-American


      I prefer it. Easier to read.

    4. electroglodyte


      Another vote for bold. Years ago I found it a handy way to reduce the page count by a page or two – by having a single blank line (instead of two) above the slugline, but making it bold to make the division stand out more.

  2. Tight vs. Normal line spacing in Final Draft. Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. specwriter


      Normal. Tight can be seen a mile away for what it is: a ploy to squeeze more text on the page. Readers hate it!

    2. Escapist
    3. mrferrone


      Cool. Made requested page cuts w/o having to "cheat."

  3. Any thoughts/experiences regarding the Austin Film Fest? Is it worth going if you have a short in fest?

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    2. Alexy


      rent a car and go to Rudy's B-B-Q. Not Ruby. Ru-d-y. get the extra moist brisket. it's the best bbq on earth.

    3. Ravvy


      Rudy's is crap...go to Franklin BBQ or Smitty's Market in Lockhart

    4. storymaps99


      The Austin screenwriting conference (which I believe is concurrent with the Film Fest) is also great. It's not so crowded that you can't just walk up and talk to the panelists. I got to hang out with Shane Black and Scott Rosenberg, it was sweet. Scott gave me feedback on my logline that really kicked my butt and helped my writing. I got his permission on FB this year to quote him in my book.

  4. I'm new... but kind of addicted. :)

  5. Hey! Didn't know you were on here!

  6. Hey Matt! It's Gigi from Time Freak :) hellooo!

  7. My short film, "Cataplexy" just won BEST SHORT in the Omaha Film Festival (beating out the Oscar-winning "God of Love")! Pretty excited. You can watch the full short in Showcase forum, should you want to.

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    2. Nic.Lishko


      Massive congrats!!!

    3. tbblue


      Super Congrats!

    4. virginiacausey


      I heart cataplexy. Fantastic film.

  8. I posted a 7-minute short film that I co-wrote and produced in the "Showcase" Forum. It won Best Film and Best Screenplay in the 72-hour National Film Challenge. Come check it out if you've got a few minutes!

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