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  1. Still on the hunt for Comedy Specs... P&T

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    2. Cdrzewie


      crushing it, congrats!

    3. markerstone


      More like chipping away, but many thanks!

    4. kidbaron


      Does any genre go with comedy? I have a caper/comedy one.

  2. Amazed at all the quality submissions so far! Still thin in the comedy space, so... hit me up.

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    2. markerstone


      Sorry-- not a contest. First round of submissions to Markerstone Management.

    3. PJMAC
    4. specwriter


      Do you hv experience in TV?

  3. Anyone read an exceptional family/adventure lately?

  4. Friday is here and need some reads-- any recommendations?

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    2. markerstone


      Read PZ already - halfway through Re-Up... fun ride so far. Liked his Capsule too.


    3. markerstone


      Into Shore Excursion and Rubber Tank Squad next



    4. markerstone


      Re-Up was a fun ride!


  5. Just read NICO-- nice work.

    1. PJMAC


      Cool, the logline piqued my interest as well. Will have to read.

  6. Need a fast and funny read for the weekend-- suggestions?

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    2. DonKasparoza


      ^^A Comedy about a Wild Latino Fraternity.

    3. Mysterian


      What did you decide to read Mark?

    4. markerstone


      Read em all... Liked Getaway so much I inquired-- at WarnerBros.


  7. Just read TUSK... better than HUMAN CENTIPEDE?

  8. Survived the swim with the sharks - time for a soar amongst the eagles...

  9. While I came into this forum as a writer... it appears my 'talent' may lie elsewhere. Hmmm

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    2. ddollar
    3. markerstone


      Seems when I devote the same time, energy and passion I did writing to producing-- I am a pretty fair hand at it!


    4. PJMAC


      good for you!


  10. A querying machine...

  11. Was asked this morning to sell two completed films...

    1. markerstone


      Need a Seller's Agent hat...

    2. Mike


      It's been said about Texans, they're all hat and no head. But I didn't say it.

  12. Shaking trees today... my version of going W-I-D-E...

    1. Mysterian


      What's the property you're going W-I-D-E with?

    2. markerstone


      Just helping a friend with a gritty little revenge thriller...

    3. quain187
  13. Feature Film Finance... awesome!!!

  14. OK - Padre was a fast and engaging read... also read In the Heart of the Sea.

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    2. sankofa


      Padre is great. I hope it gets made.

    3. markerstone


      Been trying to find out where it is - nothing on Imdb yet

    4. dsjones


      Padre's a great spec with a clear through line. No more political than FX's The Bridge, anyone who turns down the chance to produce this baby is a fool. With the right actor, this could be a big hit.

  15. Time for a quick read... suggestions??

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    2. sankofa
    3. naugehyde


      I think Zero Sum Game (pilot) is an awesome read but then again I wrote it.

    4. quain187


      Padre...all day.

  16. Have come a long way over the past three years...

  17. Juices flowing... just did a partial re-write and on page 20 of my latest!

  18. Just read through the story notes for Raiders... awesome!

    1. Foz90


      That's such an insightful read. Feel a tad sorry for the poor transcriber mind you (although it must have been just as fascinating for them)!

    2. markerstone


      Indiana Smith??


    3. aphid47


      It was a great peek into how they ended up crafting the story.

  19. Took a week off... ended up reading a dozen scripts.

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    2. sbbn


      Which passengers are you guys referring to?

    3. markerstone


      Both actually - preferred the Spaihts

    4. sbbn


      I've read Spaights screenplay - great stuff. I'll have to check out the other one as well. Right now it's American Sniper and The Voices.

  20. Been reading more than writing... there is some good stuff out there!

    1. LAscribe88


      What have you liked?

    2. markerstone


      Passengers was solid - also getting to Snowpiercers.

  21. Hit page 10 on new gritty character piece-- shared it with my editor, and she said it was good!

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