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  1. "Son Of A Gun" -- Amazing Fcking Movie.

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    2. Mr Cakes

      Mr Cakes

      yup. I was digging it the other day on Putlocker. I remember liking the trailer a hile back and looking forward to it, but it never opened on any cinema screens around here... Putlocker and SolarMovie are terrific for all the stuff that never makes it to the cinemaplex.

    3. Mr Cakes
    4. npquinn


      def worth a watch, couldnt see the script on here. Vikander is marvellous, great hopes for Ex Machina and UNCLE.

    1. palostick


      He's bang on. Any movie that criticises a foreign regime -- Russia, China etc -- will be deepsixed out of fear. If Hollywood players won't back George Clooney they're certainly not going to take a risk on a spec that shows a foreign govt in a bad light

    2. StringerBell


      Esquire magazine quote: "In 1941, Hitler had submarines in the North Atlantic, but U.S. theaters still played The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin. The North Korean regime is starving. It has nothing but its own insanity to sustain it. Nonetheless, the North Korean government has won the Ridiculous War of 2014."

  2. White God trailer:

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    2. specwriter


      Wow. TERRIBLE title, though. Not just that it doesn't seem to apply to the film, at all, but considering the racial climate here in the U.S. right now...not the best. :-0

    3. D.R


      Had me hooked.

    4. DonKasparoza


      Spec_Writer the title seems shitty to me too but I'll wait to see the film to form my opinion. Maybe it will mean more after.

  3. Just saw Nightcrawler... AMAZING!! lol

    1. Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

      Raiders would never get made today in the current development system. The script would be destroyed by a dozen writers and idiotic notes. Or it would be rejected for being ludicrous and impossible to sell to an audience. John August and Craig Mazin did a great podcast about why the script is so brilliant and why it would never sell or get made today: http://johnaugust.com/2013/scriptnotes-ep-73-raiders-of-the-lost-ark-transcript

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      "All we need is a data set...." Uh, no, predictive analytics does not apply to screenwriting.


    3. mister_7


      Well, I know now not to submit my fantasy/sex comedy that's 125 pages long to them.

    4. axalon


      Interesting read

  4. What do you guys think of Stage32? Anyone here use it as a social network?

    1. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      I was on it for five seconds. I'm sure if you find the right people it's a great source, but I couldn't put up with the constant trolls, know-it-alls and negativity.

    2. Bobbylaw


      They send about 500 emails a day once they have yer email.

    3. markerstone


      Waste of time...

  5. THE CHAPTER: A Comedy about a Wild Latino Fraternity -- (just posted in the W.I.P.)

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