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  1. Very excited! Looks like I have a literary agent for my kid lit book!

  2. Good luck to Mark and Chuck on THE SECOND SHOOTER!

  3. God Bless Robin Williams.

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    2. Coz


      When the President makes a statement, you know you've made an impact. As Angelou said, it's how you make them feel... and he made you FEEL, man. What a loss. Rest in peace, genie.

    3. aphid47


      Just watched The Fisher King in his honor.

    4. nazardo


      Yeah, so sad. Our greatest comics seem to battle worst of demons.

  4. LOVED The Strain.

  5. Am I the only one disappointed with EXTANT given all the hype?

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      It's not quite BSG, but I'll still be tuning in for ep2


  6. Looking forward to EXTANT tonight!

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    2. opie100


      Good acting, decent effects, overwrought soundtrack. Still felt like a network show to me.

    3. CookieMonster


      I thought it was a solid open. I wonder if they'll keep it going for the rest of the season, though.

    4. PJMAC


      I was disappointed. I liked it, but not crazy about it.

  7. Who the hell was clamoring for a sequel to a HOCUS POCUS??

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    2. admin


      It's actually accurate. It is Hocus Pocus. Guess it's supposed to be a surprise, but it's pretty well known that is what it is around town.

    3. PJMAC


      It said here at TB that the witch is related to the three witches in HOCUS.


    4. Bobbylaw
  8. Just finished reading The Blacklist pilot. Great tone, snappy.

    1. Bobbylaw


      I recommend the fargo pilot too.

    2. Nic.Lishko


      The blacklist pilot is an excellent structure to mimic I feel. It hits the beats perfectly and is ridiculously exciting.

  9. So far am very impressed with PENNY DREADFUL, but I hope all these characters have a purpose and not just for shock value.

  10. Best companies to pitch biopics?

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    2. PJMAC


      Thanks for responding. A potential biopic fell into my lap, still exploring the rights issue, although much is in the public domain. It's an explosive story, a potential legal quagmire, so I'm treading carefully.


    3. palostick


      Imagine, Playtone (Hanks) Plan B, Appian Way if it's historical and Leo friendly.

    4. PJMAC


      Thanks Palostick!


  11. The Brownie Wise story that just got optioned with Sandra Bullock in talks to start--I am so bummed. I had been in talks with the author to co-write the screenplay, even had a producer involved but they couldn't seal the deal, and now it's gone. ARRGHHH!!!

    1. Reader George

      Reader George

      I was developing a spec with the working title SWING VOTE when I got a Variety email alert that Kostner signed on to a project called SWING VOTE. Effin' sucks.

    2. PJMAC


      The producer I had said he didn't think there was a story in it. He didn't see it. I told him he was wrong. I was always afraid that a big fish producer would come along, and they did. Damn.

    3. Reader George

      Reader George

      Well, something to be said about everybody being on the same page. If the producer believed in it he'd be working on a project with Sandra Bullock right now. At the end of the day, you have good instincts so try not to get too down about it.


  12. Love GOT.

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    2. npquinn


      Cheers, noted. But where's them dragons?

    3. axalon


      It definitely has dragons. Not until later seasons though.

    4. PJMAC


      Yes, there be dragons.


  13. When one door closes....

    1. craktactor


      ... you set a glob of C-4 onto it and blow that effer up!

    2. PJMAC
    3. horus33


      *clears throat for the best Michael Caine impression ever* "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

  14. I am the only one was underwhelmed with THE WALKING DEAD finale?

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    2. nazardo


      If you foliow the comics they REALLY stretched things out. Almost gave up on it but everyone is back together again and I'm looking forward to next season. I will give them a pass for 2nd half of this one. Every good show has some warts.

    3. axalon




      The scene wear Rick goes ballistic and tears the guy's throat out was great.


      Everything else felt like filler for that moment.

    4. PJMAC
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