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  1. I think Skynet would've been more successful if they had cloned a hot chick, gave her AIDS, and then sent her back in time to sleep with John Conner. =)

    1. Escapist



    2. Mike


      I love how dark that idea is. However it begs the assumption that the noble John Conner is just like the rest of us and would do some random hot chick who happened to crash his bivouac.

    3. Galleria.Pictures


      Well, John did kiss the love of his life in a friend's basement before T2 turned up. I assume he's part of the got-her-pregnant-before-I-turned-18 crowd.

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  2. Any idea why Columbia is holding so many advanced screenings for THIS IS THE END? I was just invited to the third one in as many months.

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    2. Penelope


      Kind of doubtful since all of the big movie blogs that have seen it already are giving it rave reviews. Columbia could stop now and use all the great reviews for quotes on posters/trailers. I've read numerous blog reviews already that say, "Funniest movie of the year." It's like they are hoping for a quote on a poster.

    3. Frobisher


      So Columbia is like, "This movie is so F'n amazing that we don't even need to do any P&A, we'll just let our awesome product speak for itself through advanced screenings." Is that what they're thinking?

    4. nazardo


      I thought the script was fun and don't see how this won't be a big hit.

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  3. It all makes sense now! Jessica Fletcher was a sociopath who killed and framed others in order to have elaborate murders to write about and prolong her career as America's preeminent murder/mystery writer =)

    1. Elliott79


      She was a slut too, apparently.

  4. On this day in 33 A.D., the Romans tortured God's son to death. That's why they had to change their name to "Italians." Wakka wakka wakka.

  5. Warner Bros. has been producing so many bombs this year, Lockheed may try to buy them out. wakka wakka wakka

    1. specwriter


      Are they Gatsby or is that Universal? Because that thing is going tick-tick-tick...

    2. Frobisher


      WB has a bunch of what look to be 'heavy-hitters' coming out soon, but so far this year... the domestic B.O. has not been kind to them: BULLET TO THE HEAD, JACK & THE BEANSTALK, BURT WONDERSTONE, GANGSTER SQUAD, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

  6. It's kinda hard to know what kind of specs are trending when so many loglines are "kept under wraps."

    1. axalon


      Apparently lots of specs with ideas so original they couldn't possibly be summed up in one or two sentences.

  7. This is strange. I usually only write fiction/fantasy, but my agent just called and said Fox News wants to hire me.

    1. aphid47


      Congrats! Now you will get to write Fantasy/reality television ;)

    2. ThaVillain


      Sounds like you'll fit right in at Fox News!!!

  8. So... for this OSCAR POOL. When is the deadline and where do we e-mail our picks to?

    1. admin


      Looks like all the rules are still there... http://bit.ly/WSqcbL

    2. Frobisher


      Thank you. I didn't see that info in the e-mail/newsletter.

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