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  1. Got an idea noodling around in your head? Come out to the chat room, we'll get together, have a few laughs.

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    2. aphid47


      Pitch ideas, joke around, whatever you want ...

    3. adlocke


      Sounds dang good to me!

    4. ThaVillain


      "The AOL days..." I remember that! Those were the days...


      Man, I feel old now.

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  2. Short being reviewed on Scriptshadow tomorrow. Good, bad or ugly . . . Should be interesting.

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    2. ThaVillain


      My favorite short of the week! Good job!

    3. sankofa


      it was my favorite read of the week also...2 pages..so much going on and so well written. it was great! and I loved the final short film too!

    4. Jaco


      And more kind words! Thanks, helps fuel the fire. Now, back to that pesky spec I'm writing - despite my best efforts, it's definitely not writing itself!

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  3. My short script that was one of the winning pieces for the 50 Kisses Competition has been made into a pretty cool film: http://www.50kissesfilm.com/movies/love-by-grindstone-films/ Yes - I'm probably a tad biased - but fun to see my words on the page turned into something visual

  4. Congrats to Dan Dollar! Great news on the script - worth the attention.

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    2. magsnow


      YAY! Congratulations!!

    3. twofingeredtypist
    4. storymaps99


      Did anyone else get over 10 notifications of twofingeredtypist's reply? This has happened before to me; system or user error?

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  5. Any up and coming hungry filmmakers out there? Cool contest that results in a feature film credit: http://www.50kissesfilm.com/ Yes . . . I posted this because my script is in there - but won't say which one - just wanted to point out the opportunity to anyone looking to gain experience. Cheers.

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