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  1. My latest action thriller, Kennedy Space Center, is going out. Wish me luck!

  2. Something fun I found while cleaning at home. Figured this community would appreciate it :D http://imgur.com/gallery/N90zWCI

  3. Congrats on the TB Rec CB! All the best going forward - can't wait to see where this goes!

  4. As great as so much television is these days, and as addictively as I tune in to some of it, I tend not to re-watch it. Yet I do re-watch movies. I'm curious if others have similar tendencies. And thoughts on why that is (or isn't). Assuming this is the case for others, is it something as simple as production value? Or does it go deeper? Does it have to do with the story mechanics? Like, in order to go on this 2 hour journey, movies are super-compressed with idea and emotion, and...

    1. opie100


      Didn't Voltaire imply that the joy of recognition surpasses the joy of surprise?

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  5. Waiting in line at Dumb Starbucks.

  6. "A group of school janitors decide to risk it all and form a curling team with the hopes of going to the Olympics." Based on absolutely nothing. In the vein of Cool Runnings and The Blind Side.

  7. Okay guys, it's officially online! The short I co-wrote was just posted. Into Scifi?!? CHECK THIS OUT! http://indieflix.com/indie-films/icarus-down-37509/

  8. Congrats Rob! thrilled to hear you are set up with a rep! well played, sir!

  9. Philip Seymour Hoffman. That is all.

    1. opie100


      he was sober for 23 years at one point - it's a lifelong illness to be sure

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  10. Query letters sent. If Henchman comes across your desk today, give it a chance. I promise it'll be worth your time.

  11. Well, can definitely see why Holland, Michigan was rated so highly on the Black List

  12. Much thanks to Kristen and Ted for the clickity-clicking. All the TB Colors for, well, being you. And a special congrats to Mr. Dollar for making both lists (equally of import). And to each and every member here, may the coming year find you all safe, sane-ish, and as near to your dreams as you can be. :)

  13. I really wanted to feel... *something* about what happened to Brody but the lead-up was so poor I was just kind of ambivalent. And what was with Carrie?? For the emotional wreck she's been this season she was oddly calm about everything that went down. Talking with the people responsible for Brody's outcome as though nothing happened. No attempted eye gouging or anything.

  14. Damn. Didn't get into the Universal Fellowship. If any of ya'll did, CONGRATS!

  15. Anyone up for creating a Tracking Board Writer's Group?

  16. Holy crap they gutted it like a fish. http://collider.com/edge-of-tomorrow-trailer/

    1. opie100


      Haven't read the script yet either -- but that's a damn fine trailer.

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  17. What do you think about an inciting incident on pg 16? Is it too late?

  18. What do you think about an inciting incident on pg 16? Is it too late?

    1. opie100


      Some advocate to push the less exciting setup between the inciting incident and the end of Act I, because you can use objections to the call to make them more interesting.

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  19. "LOVE" - short I wrote - just won Best Film at Southampton Film Week. Not the Oscars - but still nice cool that the film's out there making its way in the world.

  20. Clocking in at 89 pages, the fastest first draft I've ever done for my first Horror/Thriller. It's not great by any means, but hoorah, it's done. FOR NOW.

  21. Chando, did you just win Silver at the Page awards? AWESOME! MASSIVE CONGRATS!

    1. opie100


      Still a bad ass! Keep that badassery going!

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  22. Just posted my 2013 Nicholl Semi-Finalist script. Big thanks to TB Coverage. Your notes proved most helpful!

  23. James Cameron isn't lying when he says that Gravity is the best space film ever made. Simple plot, lean and effective - nice use of theme, music's intense and it's a nail biter. But the visuals, my god. Several members of the audience who partook of herb were freaking out. I can't imagine what they saw but what I saw was beautiful.

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