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  1. Can anyone suggest a script or film that's set in San Francisco? Besides Basic Instinct. Thank you!

  2. My first spec since LIFE COPY is getting ready to go out soon. I'm trying to remember to breathe--

  3. I'm looking for great chemistry romantic meet up scenes between characters not comedy- ala the Adjustment Bureau scene in the bathroom with Damon and Emily Blunt. Any suggestions?

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    2. Mr. Mo

      Mr. Mo

      Although it was scripted, Naomi Watts' audition scene in Mulholland Drive was definitely something to behold.

    3. anti_hero2012


      If you can find it, check out the opening scene in 'At Close Range'. When Sean Penn's character meets Mary Stuart Masterson. Great chemistry.

    4. anti_hero2012


      Another one that stands out is 'Bad Timing' with Art Garfunkel and Theresa Russell. They meet at a dinner party... Russell's character is very assertive, lol.

  4. Seems like there have been a spate of sales the past few days.IPO MAN, KILL THE MESSENGER, FALLING OUT OF HONOR, DARK MEADOW, HOt STUFF etc. Are these specs?

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    2. Escapist


      many of the OWAs here aren't accurate, i've found

    3. mister_7


      Well put on the OWAs. But IPO is based on an article, Hot Stuff a comic, and Dark Meadow a game (and a casual gamer game at that), so I'm hoping no one wasted their time specing them without securing the rights first. Me, I'm holding out for Hungry Hungry Hippos.

    4. nazardo


      One big downside to Lego movie being a big hit is gonna be the string of toy/game movies that try to follow on it success, though I do have high hopes for Mouse Trap if ever gets made ;)

  5. Any recs for scripts/films that have kick ass third act set pieces--preferably sci fi thriller or action. Thanks!

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    2. chandolaswinter


      These are great suggestions! thank you all

    3. Pompalompa
    4. specwriter


      I just watched Skyfall again and was marvelling at how great the final act is. Plot, character and theme all come together in a fantastic set piece.

  6. What do you think about an inciting incident on pg 16? Is it too late?

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    2. opie100


      Thanks Dan - crystallized eloquently.

    3. chandolaswinter
    4. zkendall


      i agree. In my opinion, scripts of late no longer have the inciting incident so close to the act break. instead I'm seeing this happening around 10 to 12 with the call to action set up taking place and ending with the accepting of the hero to take on the journey around page 25 (act break).


      again, it should be noted that many of those script clock in around 100 to 110. When reading a script that is 120 or more, I still see the inciting incident happening around 15 to 20 simply...

  7. I think I'm using the term PRELAP wrong? I'm using it for a VO that starts before that scene begins. Is that correct?

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    2. sbbn


      [continuing on...] If there is pre-lap dialogue, you can indicate it with PRE-LAP or V.O. Either is acceptable."


      So do with that what you will. That's John August's take on the subject. Logically, it makes sense to me (if for no other reason than what each abbreviation stands for) but honestly, I could care less what people do as long as I don't stumble over what they are writing, trying to figure out what the hell they mean.

    3. sbbn


      I've never heard (or thought when reading)that VO implies narrator duty. To me I've always read VO as a voice over, nothing more, nothing less.

    4. palostick


      Like I said SBBN, different strokes…I'v been writing professionally for 17 years. I'm not on the same page as August, as much as I admire the man. For me, VO=Voiceover, OS - off screen

  8. for dialogue-- I'm trying to think of a situation where the training is worse/more grueling than the actual thing that's being trained for. Any ideas?

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    2. Reader George

      Reader George

      Doesn't any kind of training suck? Who wants to train for anything? Show me the pill! There's your dialogue. :-)

    3. chandolaswinter
    4. storymaps99


      What about doctors who are forced to pull 24 to 48 hour shifts as residents? I always wondered about the purpose of that. To insure that E.R. service is even worse than it already is, with your doctor being sleep-deprived? :-0

  9. Getting ready to go to Austin (as a finalist.) Pretty nervous. Anyone else going?

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    2. chandolaswinter


      Thank you guys!!


    3. twofingeredtypist


      All the best. Is that where Kelly Marcel has gone?

    4. chandolaswinter


      she's doing a panel so I'm sure she'll be there.

  10. Read a fantastic bio-script, A BOY AND HIS TIGER. Really enjoyed it! Best bio film I've read since MUPPET MAN.

    1. Mike
    2. ddollar


      thanks chando!

    3. sankofa


      i agree. it's really good. And I'm not a fan of biopics, but this (and Mary Poppins biopic) are two biopics I *WANT* to see whenever they are made (Boy And his Tiger) and the Mary Poppins one. Great job, Dan! Are you working on anything else?

  11. Just read PADRE. Great script.

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    2. ddollar


      wow, thanks mike! that means a lot to me coming from you.

    3. ddollar


      what i really need is for you and shining to follow me around and say these things over my shoulder all day. it's lovely.

    4. chandolaswinter


      Where can I find A BOY AND HIS TIGER? Is it on the forum?


  12. I have new spec ready to go out-- have been told mid November is the budget cutoff for a lot of prod-co's. Is mid-November a bad time to put a spec on the market?

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    2. StringerBell


      I was in the same boat. I took it out and sold it. That said, if it's not something you're worried about being preempted on, I'd wait until Feb. More buyers will have money then.

    3. chandolaswinter


      Thanks all. Appreciate the feedback.

    4. admin


      Less buyers, but those still active are still very much buying. Especially those with expiring discretion funds.

  13. My Nicholl finalist script, LIFE COPY is up in the forum section-- let me know what you think! Thanks fellow TB-ers.

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    2. chandolaswinter


      Thanks twofingeredtypist!

    3. Nic8767


      Congrats, Chando! Looking forward to reading it.

    4. chandolaswinter


      Hi Alternate Universe-- thank you and let me know what you think.

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