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    I am a huge science fiction fan with a special spot in my heart for monster movies... I love old fashioned horror but am not as well versed in the current market...hats of to Vincent Price and all B movie classics!
    I love to read scripts as well as write so if you need a second set of eyes, let me know!

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  1. Anyone have a sample pitch for a reality show similar to Survivor?

  2. Finally made it into the WGA and looking for any advice or suggestions from other members...any words of wisdom to pass on? What events should I go to?! What do you wish you had known about when you got in? Thank you!

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    2. 36monsters


      Thank you guys so much! And Johnson...invaluable information! Re: jabbatron06, I sold my soul to Z Nation as a season of indentured servitude and did everything I could to make sure I was where I needed to be when I needed to be and never said no to anything. :)


    3. DarthVader


      Tye, Welcome to our union! Lookup and join the Writer's Education Subcommittee. (info on wga site). We meet monthly. It is by far the best group in the WGA and hosts some of the union's best events. Great way to get in and network quickly!

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Way to climb the ladder, Tye! Nice to hear when perseverance pays off. Congrats!

  3. The difference between the sentences "I got staph" and "I got staffed" is just 4 letters and twenty awkward minutes of explaining the difference on the phone to my parents.

    1. adlocke


      i know wHo i'd want to be.

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Good luck! I've heard penicillin works wonders.

    3. 36monsters


      I really wish we had a "like" option for responses. Thank you andrewpwoodberry!


  4. Writer's Assistant done with my current show and on the prowl for the next project. Know any shows getting ready to start staffing in the next few weeks? Resume always available upon request!

  5. Got another question for my amazing TB friends. I have a screenplay that was produced just last year but still no agent or manager. I want to start sending out query letters and was wondering, do I have to use a new spec script or can I send out the script that was produced?

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    2. Escapist


      new one, but the produced one should help show you're legit

    3. 36monsters


      Thank you guys! Yes, I have a pitch and a few spec scripts I can use...just trying to figure out the best possible way to do this.

    4. Escapist


      Referrals from people who made the movie - producers, director, etc

  6. General question for the entire group...have a pilot script and a feature film I'm planning on starting and want to know which one you think would be the best one to start with? What works the best as far as querying agents, a feature or a pilot?

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    2. palostick


      right now, there are way more jobs, and buyers, in TV rather than film. If you can write two great TV pilots, in the same tonal postcode, you'd be in a good place. But obviously It all depends on where your strengths lie .

    3. nmoher


      I'd also suggest writing the one that you're more into, because that will certainly translate to the script.

    4. 36monsters


      Thank you guys! Pilot it is!!!

  7. Question: Anyone have a list of managers that are taking on new clients? Just wrapped up production on my first feature film and I'd love to have someone who can guide me on my next step.

  8. So apparently my best writing has been done on Imgur. One comment...1500 likes in 24 hours. Now if only I'd get that sort of love with my scripts...

    1. opie100
    2. clydd
    3. Nic.Lishko


      YOU wrote the Blake Snyder post!?

  9. Where has everyone gone??? The chat room has been so quiet the past few days!

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    2. Elliott79


      I usually stop by if there are a couple of people there. Has been quiet recently.

    3. CastorTroy16


      Vacation season....aka launch pad deadline season

    4. 36monsters


      Well, for what it's worth, I miss all your ugly mugs in there. :)


  10. Thoughts on romantic comedies...good idea to write or don't waste my time?

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    2. Zoned


      Write what you enjoy. "Pretty Woman" started off as "3,000". Read both, and let me know if you could see that being a natural mesh between the two tones. If you are going to write it, it really should be fun for you, first. Best wishes on writing it.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      500 Days of Summer and The F Word are great. If those fall in that category then the genre isn't dead. It just needs different angles and not the exact same structure as a Matt M. Movie

    4. 36monsters


      Zoned, thanks for the advice! I'll check those out. I'm thinking "The Cutting Edge" meets "Man from Snowy River."

  11. Exciting news! Got a gig doing a rewrite for a film already in the pipeline that has some serious potential but they're asking if I have an agent...which I don't. Any suggestions from any of my already repped friends?

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    2. Eric W.

      Eric W.

      grats on the gig

    3. Movieguy
    4. 36monsters


      ...and it just went Hindenberg. Damnit.

  12. Looking for writing competitions for educational materials or short form animations...any suggestions?

  13. possibly looking for roommates in March/April...getting a place with a friend who is a director and we want to rent a house in Encino. we have dogs and creativity to spare...but lack funds to get a place truly worthy of our future epicness...anyone interested?

  14. Okay guys, it's officially online! The short I co-wrote was just posted. Into Scifi?!? CHECK THIS OUT! http://indieflix.com/indie-films/icarus-down-37509/

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    2. axalon


      Wait, so is this a trailer for the full thing? Are you guys still in post?

    3. 36monsters


      It's a trailer for the short which is just 12 minutes long. It's all done, and running the festival circuit right now so the director is being really selective about releasing the whole cut.


    4. Bobbylaw
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