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  1. It's hard to find a more dangerously misguided director on the planet than Oliver Stone. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/oliver-stone-planning-doc-russian-747366

  2. Can anyone play douchebag as well as Bill Paxton?

  3. Just curious, but what do you dudes with day-jobs do?

    1. opie100


      technology things for a technology company

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  4. God Bless Robin Williams.

  5. Free logline idea - THE SLIP-UP - A career criminal who fakes workers comp slip-and-fall injuries finds himself at the mercy of his new apartment complex neighbor, a 12-year-old kid who catches him faking and starts blackmailing him to keep quiet.

    1. opie100


      Instead of a career criminal, make him a public school teacher dying of some disease, and he has to win enough comp cases before he dies to support a family with special needs. Just riffing here.

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  6. Officially out of LA until a script sells. I'm off to get married!

  7. may be looking at new apartments soon in los angeles, was thinking about finding other screenwriters / film-enthusiasts to move in with. anyone have any suggestions?

  8. Looking forward to EXTANT tonight!

  9. So apparently my best writing has been done on Imgur. One comment...1500 likes in 24 hours. Now if only I'd get that sort of love with my scripts...

  10. So The Rover's budget was ~$12 million and it made $69K opening weekend. Probably won't make more than $100K in its total theatrical run. Is there any hope for it to recover its budget? How much money can this movie potentially make on VOD/rental? Could it ever make up for its budget or is it just a dud for the studio?

  11. If you ever need a good lesson on dialogue, go to a coffee shop/McDonalds in a small town and just listen to how the old folks gossip.

  12. Wish it was good screenwriting news to report, but it is still exciting. Got word from Temple that I will be fully funded in my doctorate program this fall! Now I'll have plenty of time to hack out queries to managers lol

  13. Loved the Star Wars pic they released yesterday of the entire cast at Pinewood Studios. Was really good but surprised to see Attack the Block's John Boyega and Oscar Isaac among the cast. It is just so fantastic seeing the future of the series alongside the original cast.

  14. Now THAT'S a rewrite. *pounds on desk* BAM! BAM! BAM!

  15. When they say they're announcing on Monday it clearly means…well, I don't know actually.

    1. opie100


      Did you send it out to Gérard Depardieu yet? And JLaw?

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  16. Winter is coming.

  17. Winter is coming.

  18. What if Edward Snowden hadn't fled and exposed the NSA's Prism program, but stayed and used it to anonymously fight crime? It's THE LIVES OF OTHERS meets THE PRETENDER.

  19. @bbcwritersroom half hour drama script GIRL X uploaded. BMX sports drama focussing on youth sub culture https://vimeo.com/87717614

    1. opie100


      Good luck Nigel - like the British BMX setting and female protag. Focus on character and I think you've got something.

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  20. I volunteer (Mike Maples) as tribute!

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