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  1. Holding my breath until the Launch Pad announcements tomorrow...

  2. In LA for a week, anything cool I should check out while I'm here?

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    2. jtthieme


      If you're driving, go to Golf N Stuff in Norwalk. That's where Daniel-san took Elisabeth Shue in "Karate Kid." And it's a fun course.

    3. benskelly2


      Andrew is right. A hike up Runyon Canyon - great view, exercise, actresses in yoga pants. LA in a nutshell.

    4. nmoher


      You had me at "actresses in yoga pants." Thanks, all! Going to try and cram as much as I can in!

  3. Kingsman, holy shit! Had me smiling the entire time!

    1. adlocke


      yeah, the uk does good spy films!

    2. kjl451


      That church scene. Just wow.

  4. Anyone watch The Interview yet? Worth checking out?

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    2. axalon


      I was cringing it was so bad, what the hell was Franco going for? Felt like watching bad improv where the people just keep repeating the same thing over and over.


      We got honeydicked! Honeydicked? Honeydicked!

    3. mebishop2001


      I liked it! Laughed a few times.

    4. Mysterian


      I enjoyed it. I'd re-watch The Interview before ever watching Dumb & Dumber To again.

  5. Just got my first TB coverage back. Very thoughtful and constructive notes!

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    2. nmoher


      It's like, you want to be mad that they didn't just give you a recommend... but then you read the notes and you're like, yeah, those are good notes.

    3. Storytell


      I've used them all and TB's notes are by far the most intelligent and useful of any I've ever gotten. And most reasonable by the way.

    4. RobertCornero


      Same experience. Would purchase again.

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