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  1. about to pitch CHUTES AND LADDERS as a buddy cop movie. let the bidding war commence!

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    2. mebishop2001


      CHUTES is a dedicated family man. LADDERS is a rogue burn-out who's good with the ladies. Together, they are... CHUTES AND LADDERS

    3. twofingeredtypist


      This game is called Snakes and Ladders in my neck of the globe...

    4. benskelly2


      There's no way it's better than my Jackie Chan/Adam Sandler project CHINESE CHECKERS!

  2. aiello leaving hyde park

  3. anyone know what ABE LINCOLN is tracking at?

  4. anyone know what ABE LINCOLN is tracking at?

    1. Galleria.Pictures


      Complete guess but I'm predicting: $150m world-wide total. No sequel but they'll announce a reboot before 2016.

    2. kristenryans


      Just upped Tracking.

    3. KeatonHelm


      I think Abe is hunting more than tracking.

  5. anyone know when the black list hits?

    1. emilyblake


      I heard Friday, but I also heard next Monday. So I guess either Friday or Monday.

    2. dsjones


      Last two years in a row, the 12th.

    3. StringerBell


      I'm hearing Friday.

  6. can you imagine how much Robert Downey is being paid for AVENGERS 2 and 3? and please let #3 be the CIVIL WAR story arc...

    1. tbwhite


      Can you imagine infinity as a number?

    2. Sly0712


      Infinity is a number based on your level of curiosity.

    3. sangun


      I understand Jim Toth just ordered a unicorn steak.

  7. countdown to this year's Blood List...

  8. Damn, that BRIGHT trailer is generic... Alien Nation meets Carnival Row?

  9. does anyone know the time frame on the blood list? when it's voted on, when it's released, etc?

    1. Mysterian


      The deadline for a spec to qualify is Aug 31st I believe. Not sure when the voting or list comes out though.


    2. Escapist


      so the spec has to have gone out before aug 31?

    3. Mysterian


      I think so... I believe voting starts in September. This is coming from the bloodlist twitter account.

    1. specwriter


      Hilarious. Then watch "Illiterate Lit Agent."

    2. sangun


      Whenever I see a trailer for R.I.P.D. I think it's a fake movie within a movie.

  10. how has the SyFy Channel not made a movie called CARMAGEDDON? seems impossible...

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    2. AliM


      If Michael Bay ever did an adaptation of Orwell's 'Animal Farm', he'd call it FARMAGEDDON.


      That is all.

    3. specwriter


      It would have as much substance as the real thing, i.e., none.

    4. elevenbulls


      If only Carmageddon could battle Dinocroc...

  11. I was really hoping the GOOD FRIDAY spec was the altar boy version of the FRIDAY movies...

    1. Nic.Lishko


      There's an idea here....

  12. I'd love to know how many recent "sales" are actually options and not what they claim...

  13. I'd love to know how many recent "sales" are actually options and not what they claim...

  14. I'd love to know how many recent "sales" are actually options and not what they claim...

  15. I'd love to know how many recent "sales" are actually options and not what they claim...

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    2. Jaco


      funforall - there is a discussion about those posts two below from this one.

    3. bladebeam1


      Ah, thank you, Rob.


    4. CastorTroy16
  16. i'm as melancholy as Poe himself that POE didn't go to series...

    1. aphid47


      It could have been a really fun show.

    2. Bodhi1701


      I didn't like the pilot script. But that's me.....

  17. I'm curious how an unrepped writer got his stuff into producers and studios... any know more?

    1. admin


      I assume this is in regards to Override? If so, it was a friend of his who slipped it to development person, who went up ladder, and first look deal went from there. It's the hottest spec of 2015, partially built on the wow factor of it being an unrepped writer who is creating a ton of buzz, and is now taking meetings all over town. But, I'm sure as you read, you saw he's now repped with managers and will prob select agents by tmrw.

    2. Escapist


      Yes thank you!

    1. Shining1


      Great article, thanks!

    2. sangun


      I liked the fact that Mike Vollman basically described White House Down which isn't going to break even.

  18. Is the spec market coming back from the dead?? Fingers crossed...

    1. penguinsalad
    2. KeatonHelm


      Uh... Did we time travel back to 1994 or something?

  19. Jon Hamm as the next Batman, please

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    2. ... who are those guys?

      ... who are those guys?

      I know, Frobisher. I know.

    3. specwriter


      They're both lying about their ages. There's no way Fassbender is only 35 and Hamm only 42, IMHO.

    4. Galleria.Pictures


      Bring back nipples (Clooney)

  20. LOVED the POE pilot script!

    1. admin


      Must admit, I was hesitant on it myself, because I felt like we were getting slammed with "poe" content all of a sudden, but the pilot really stood up.

  21. man, what happened to the spec market?

  22. man, what happened to the spec market?

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    2. Escapist


      They're not buying right now, apparently -- but something will probably POP next week and re-spark it all... still, not encouraging.

    3. Coz


      Gone. They don't buy anymore. It's about optioning and pseudo one-step deals.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      When was it ever good? Buying decisions are so unpredictable. Write on.

  23. my short got picked to air on Aint it Cool News this week. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/59331

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