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  1. Blacklist read recommendations? Usually it's pretty easy for me to find scripts on the list that impress but this time, after quite a few false starts, I've been struggling to find anything I want to read (or, if I did read, glad that I did).

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    2. sbbn


      @Rob B - thanks for those lists. Good to see what others liked/didn't like.


      @adlocke and Rob B - Bubbles is such a bizarre concept before even getting to the script itself and I wasn't excited by the idea. I figured I should give it a chance but after 10-20 pages I couldn't get excited about the execution either.

    3. ThaVillain


      I'm pretty late to the party, but I second the recommendation of GREAT FALLS. I too have been struggling with the list but that's my favorite so far. Should have finished higher.

    4. xcvq


      I haven't read many yet but quite liked CRATER. Hated GIRL'S NIGHT OUT.

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