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  1. Blacklist read recommendations? Usually it's pretty easy for me to find scripts on the list that impress but this time, after quite a few false starts, I've been struggling to find anything I want to read (or, if I did read, glad that I did).

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    2. drb000


      read Crater yesterday. Thought it was wonderful. Really touching and I thought the end was fantastic.

    3. adlocke


      nothing wrong with crater, but if i’m a director, i’m noticing empty directions that are useless in my hands. the mood is created, but if i’m director, i might seriously ignore what “the writer says happens”. the writer should create only the story, because the elements of greatness are the director’s choice only. but decent framing of the story by the writer says i.

    4. Sly0712


      Didn't care much for unlawful.

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