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  1. App suggestions for screenwriting on iPad? Final Draft and Fade In have weird mobile versions. Looking for a desktop feel. Thx

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    2. electroglodyte


      Fade In is said to have a decent iOS version (https://www.fadeinpro.com/page.pl?content=comparison). I tend to use DramaQueen for actual screenwriting on my desktop/laptop, and I've recently discovered OneNote for outlining/free thinking.

    3. CD2010


      just out of curiosity, which iPad are you using? I'm thinking about picking up a new iPad (9.7) for writing during the commute. Or perhaps a used iPad Pro.


      What's your preference?

    4. conktails


      I use the new 9.7". It's great! I wanted it for travel, and since it's Apple Pencil compatible, I figured I'd save some money rather than go with the pro

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