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  1. Looking for some good recent feature comedy specs. Anyone got one or two they'd recommend? P&T.

  2. Top 10 comedy pilots from, say, the last five years. Anyone have any favs or dark horses. Just reviewing for education.

  3. Anyone located the 2018 Blood List scripts yet?

  4. Does anyone have an recommendations for good, recent comedy pilots? I've read Bless This Mess, Single Parents, Fat Dan The Weatherman -- just looking for a couple more good ones for a little inspiration.

    1. mebishop2001


      Yeah, I read them all. Hmmm... Fam was pretty good. Abby's was a little overrated, but Brothered Up was decent. I Feel Bad was probably the funniest to me.

    2. CD2010


      Okay -- Fam, Brothered Up, and I Feel Bad.


      Off to search. Thanks.

  5. Reading the Proofreader and the Intern -- just need a script called the Office Manger and I've got a business.

    1. Zoned


      After that, read that Lehman Brothers Black List script afterwards. That will bump your profits and subsequently bankrupt you. So, you can start reading those "Remember when I said, 'I'll kill you last?' I lied" action-thrillers with the rest of us Naked City denizens, CD.

  6. Just started reading Everly. So is it possible a new trend is taking a sequence from an existing film and attempting to turn it into an entire movie? Maybe

    1. AliM


      I sure as hell hope so! My new spec is an intense, 90 minute, thrill-ride based entirely on the low-angle, slow-mo, rotating shot of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith rising into frame in the Bad Boys flicks.



    2. Cyber Hater
  7. What's a good horror spec? Any recos?

    1. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      Horror or Thriller?


    2. Nic.Lishko


      Karenfan from Britlist is freaky.

    3. CD2010


      @Cyber Hater. Horror is good. Checking out Karenfan now.

  8. Hey anyone found the Lindelof Alien prequel?

    1. Marklaca


      I've looked at the old and the new exchange. Can't find it. Must be missing it somewhere???

    2. admin


      Not upped yet guys. Lets also make a point not to do ISOs in the status updates, we have a whole forum for it :-)


    3. CD2010


      @TB Red. Got it. apologies for that.

  9. Whew. Finally in after a bunch of false starts on passwords.

    1. tbblue


      Glad to have ya finally in!

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