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  1. App suggestions for screenwriting on iPad? Final Draft and Fade In have weird mobile versions. Looking for a desktop feel. Thx

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. electroglodyte


      Fade In is said to have a decent iOS version (https://www.fadeinpro.com/page.pl?content=comparison). I tend to use DramaQueen for actual screenwriting on my desktop/laptop, and I've recently discovered OneNote for outlining/free thinking.

    3. CD2010


      just out of curiosity, which iPad are you using? I'm thinking about picking up a new iPad (9.7) for writing during the commute. Or perhaps a used iPad Pro.


      What's your preference?

    4. conktails


      I use the new 9.7". It's great! I wanted it for travel, and since it's Apple Pencil compatible, I figured I'd save some money rather than go with the pro

  2. Finally saw HOT SUMMER NIGHTS last night, and must admit I was really let down after loving the script. That being said, I do hope Elijah gets a chance to make MISSISSIPPI MUD. Curious to anyone else's thoughts.

    1. IntotheFrayWOLF


      the script was terrible, judging by the reviews they were unable to perform a magic trick.

    2. Nic.Lishko


      I try not to hate, but boy did I hate that ending of that script.

    3. conktails


      The film ending was different than the script. Even worse in my opinion.

  3. Anyone familiar with writing for VR?

    1. sivartalappes


      sortof. One of the projects I have going is a VR short form series that I was hired to work on with Ken Gord (EP of HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES)

  4. What's up, everyone? Does anyone have any pitch docs for animated series? I've been requested to create one for a pilot I wrote, and a visual reference would be cool. Thanks in advance!

    1. Farmerboy


      Search Adventure Time pitch bible in Scribd

    2. conktails
  5. Jeremy Saulnier directing True Detective Season 3?! YEAH BABY

    1. stevenaz


      yeah that sounds like a match made in heaven!

  6. Can someone explain these elusive trading communities I'm consistently seeing mentioned here in the forums.

  7. What other sites do you use to find scripts?

    1. Pompalompa
    2. conktails


      Just looking for an alternative watering hole, since this one is bone dry at the moment!

    3. craigmack


      Yeah, whats with the SPECS forum not being updated?

  8. Anyone have experience with Road Map Writers pitch sessions?

    1. pygmyzombie


      I'd be curious to hear about this as well


    2. conktails


      I asked this after having done one already. Wanted other opinions, but based on my experience I would say stay away!

    3. birdscratch


      Can you elaborate?

  9. What are the best script competitions for comedy?

    1. egerst


      Looks like Screencraft does one:



  10. Anyone have experience with Amazon Studios open submissions?

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