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  1. Really excited for the female expendables now that Katee Sackhoff signed on with Carano. Can't wait to see who's next. (and the script!)

    1. Allen


      Yes it can.

  2. Read all three of Brian Duffield's specs that are posted in the last 12 hours. So entertaining!

    1. tbblue


      He's definitely one of my faves!

  3. Really excited for Paramount picking up Tana French's mystery novels IN THE WOODS and THE LIKENESS!

  4. Has anyone seen the Longmire pilot? Very excited for its pickup today!

  5. Watched the 17th precinct pilot and totally see why they didn't pick it up and opted for Grimm instead. Felt really dated and none of the magic stuff worked. It was all hokey as hell. Cast was unremarkable except Stockard.

  6. Seriously? Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher?! So wrong. Gah.

    1. TheTypeBMBA
    2. Taragel


      "In his own way" Lol. Sounds like faint praise at best to me.

    3. hauntedkeyboard


      Could have been worse. Various Reacher projects have been in development for years and at one point, Will Smith was being seriously considered for the role.

  7. So who on here gets pilot screeners? And how can I bribe you to share 17th Precinct'? ;) Chocolates? Roses? First borns?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. rockshainkjr


      I know a lot of people with them, but they're only looking to trade (which is lame).

    3. aphid47


      Would love to see Locke and Key as well.

    4. Taragel


      Aw too bad. I don't have any screeners to trade. Could get some ARCs of books! heh


  8. Has Alcatraz really already been picked up for 12 episodes? Keep seeing that rumor around...

    1. nathanrrr


      No. Someone wrote that and it spread, still in testing phase.


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