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  1. How many franchises have pulled 5 sequels, as the F&F franchise surely will? All I can think of are horror movies (Friday the 13th, Halloween).

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    2. TheTypeBMBA


      Oh shit, you're right. That WAS 5.

    3. Manny


      Harry Potter. Rambo got up to 4. They're working on a 5th Die Hard. There will be a 5th Mission Impossible after Ghost Protocol and the Bourne franchise will reach 5 too. Star Wars. I'm guessing James bond doesn't count. Will the 3 Lord of The Rings plus the 2 Hobbits being filmed, count as 5?

    4. TheTypeBMBA


      I guess I'm left with a Sesame Street vibe.


      You know: "one of these things is not like the others."


      Sour grapes I suppose.

  2. So, now that a major portion of the tracking-board.com has been indefinitely dropped, when should we expect our partial refunds?

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    2. admin


      Hope that didn't come across too negative. I just wanted to make a point that I felt was missing in this topic, and I have a hard time with fairweather friends, so I just didn't want to see it going that direction. I have a lot of faith in this community, but I just wanted to make the facts straight, before the topic continues.

    3. TheTypeBMBA


      My apologies for missing the fact the the library was a "free" added feature. I don't recall ever seeing that prior to joining, but it wouldn't be the first time I've ever overlooked anything. I certainly thought it was part of what I was paying for, but I suppose I stand corrected.

    4. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      take'em to church Red!


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