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  1. What did everyone think of the Sin City: A Dame to Kill for trailer? I wasn't sure about the music. The trailer itself seemed okay, but its early days, and I have have high expectations for it considering how much I loved the first one. Did Miller write the script himself or was RR involved? I know Monaghan did a draft. After the Spirit, I'd worry if It was just Miller writing.

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    2. Hasmap


      I saw the first one three times at the cinema. In 2008 when I started getting interested in screenwriting I went and bought the making of book, mainly because it had full script included all the scenes that were cut from the final versions. I quite like the scenes will Marv's mom's house the one in kadies with rrs mate who he cast to play weevil. Also it it me or was that Christopher Lloyd answering the door to JGL in the sin city 2 trailer. It looked just like him?

    3. Bobbylaw


      I loved the first one. This one looks like a major dud.

    4. mister_7


      Loved, LOVED, the first one and am holding cautious hope for the sequel. But I am getting the feeling like it's an out of shape jock putting on his high school uniform to attend a reunion though it doesn't fit anymore.

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