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Abe Lincoln Vamp Hunter and Snow White/Huntsman

Cyber Hater


So I can't lie, I REALLY like the 2. Can totally see why they received the HUGE deals they did.


Abe Lincoln was better as far as AWESOME kick ass flicks go.


Snow White had a better world/will have more chance at intl b.o. Could totally see it in my head as a 3D flick, like Alice and Wonderland but WAYYYYY better :-)


BUT at the end of the day, honest Abe gets my vote!


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I thought Snow White and Huntsman was uneven. I'm sure it will make bank overseas. I'm sure the script will be rewritten by 15 people before it comes out, so hopefully they'll clean up some of the plot and characters weaknesses.

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Just read SNOW last week. Had to admit, it was pretty good. I'll check out ABE when I finish the actual work I should be doing.

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