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  1. Tom Cruise kind of looks badass in ROCK OF AGES. I hope he channeled some Frank T.J. Mackey!

  2. Anybody going to the PAUL screening at SXSW that can pick me up a poster?

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    2. boynotorious


      Why don't you just save the time and try MovieGoods. Just a thought.

    3. jnguyen


      It's a limited edition print of 225 by Mondo made for SXSW.

    4. treyselman


      not making it this year, I don't think. Can you not buy them off the Mondo site, day and date? For some reason I thought they kept a few online. Good luck.

  3. I recently started collecting prints from the likes of Tyler Stout and have gotten obsessed with all the movie related ones. If they sell it, I tend to buy it. It's a nasty habit, but damn do my walls look pretty sexy. To start off this blog, here's a pretty epic one I found the other day.
  4. Loved THE RAVEN. Really excited to see what Cusack does with the role.
  5. Both of these are at the top of my MUST READ stack, but I'll probably delve into ABE LINCOLN first!
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