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  1. Reading the WGA press release about the deal with Amazon Studios. It had this phrase: "plant our flag in that rich and amorphous land called new media." Sometimes it's easy to hate writers.

  2. It's that time of the year. Have the readers for Nicholl managed to reach the $25 mark this time around?

  3. Just realized Wettest County in the World was renamed Lawless (yeah, I'm a bit slow)... what the hell? Another example of taking a memorable name and turning it into generic mush.

  4. It's that time of the year. Have the readers for Nicholl managed to reach the $25 mark this time around?

  5. I got a job offer from Amazon Studios. Debating.

  6. I need to accept the fact that no matter how many times a new Van Helsing project is announced, Anthony Hopkins will not be reprising his role.

  7. Anyone know any insider dirt about the Rich Ross firing or have any good insight not seen in other reports? Do you think he should have been given more time to prove himself?

  8. http://bit.ly/HCtlsp - Whoa! The Eszterhas letter to Gibson on his anger issues. A must-read!
  9. Is that Hunger Games movie out yet? ;-)

  10. Just pumped out an amazing summary of my first ten pages. If only I knew where to go next.

  11. Just had a twenty minute convo with Robert Kamen about Taken, he said the main reason he thought it worked so well is because there is no b-story...

  12. Hey United Kingdom people, what's the best way to go from Dublin to London and back again? Looking for suggestions :)

  13. Just read a script where the writer spellchecked the word "prodigies" into "porridges". The word "porridges" is now in the title.

  14. Is the Dark Knight Rises script out there? I don't want it; I want to be surprised by the film. But I'm just curious if anyone has come across it or it's guarded under lock and key?

  15. Just sent in my It's Always Sunny spec to the Nick Writing Fellowship ... now I just wait until August.

  16. A guy bumped my chair in a restaurant today and lifted my laptop case without me noticing. It ended up in lost and found when all he found were scripts inside.

  17. CBS Pilot ELEMENTARY is the same show as USA's MONK...eccentric male detective with smart female assistant

  18. 3rd draft is so close to being done. Gotta determine who I send it to for review...Kind of a toss up between scriptshadow and tracking board...

  19. Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the cast of the Untitled Star Trek Sequel along with Noel Clarke! So far an impressive cast along with Alice Eve and Peter Weller!

  20. Anybody know what the series buying season is for ABC Family?

  21. Was Graham Moore actually a new writer when he sold Imitation Game or is that just media spin? Does anyone know his backstory?

  22. Wow, been dry lately on the spec front. The File Exchange is in desperate need of a drink.

  23. Just found out a script i spent the last 6 months working on sounds a lot like something that sold in January. Pacing the room...

  24. Anyone else feel THE DARKEST HOUR looks terrible? The aliens look like some bad CGI you'd do in Adobe After Effects..

  25. One of the worst scenes to find in a reshoot? The SUMMATION SCENE where one actor explains to another actor the previous 100 minutes because the movie makes no sense.

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