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  1. I really wanted to feel... *something* about what happened to Brody but the lead-up was so poor I was just kind of ambivalent. And what was with Carrie?? For the emotional wreck she's been this season she was oddly calm about everything that went down. Talking with the people responsible for Brody's outcome as though nothing happened. No attempted eye gouging or anything.

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    2. dsjones


      Never again will I watch that crap. The whole season was a mess.

    3. opie100


      Did we ever learn who bombed Langley?

    4. axalon


      It's a good thing they gave Dana so much screen time because that story really added to the season.


      Also, why the hell was Quinn not featured more? He's easily the most interesting character on the show now.


      Oh hey Carrie, I know you're insubordinate and unstable so here's a station chief position!

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