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  1. So uh, yeah. Van Halen, man. Only in L.A. :)

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    2. sometimeaftertwoam


      By the way, the 2004 "reunion" with Sammy Hagar played 80 dates, not 50. Those 80 dates grossed $50 Million. Only 3 years later, Van Halen's tour with Roth played only 76 dates and grossed $93 Million.

    3. sometimeaftertwoam


      For further comparison of the publics interest in real Van Halen, see the above mentioned Louisville, Kentucky date, then find the numbers for the bands return to that same city with the correct singer: 2/18/2012 KFC Yum! Center Louisville, KY 17048 of 17048 (100%) for a gross of $1,544,983.00. (The above mentioned date with Hagar grossed $327,979.00)

    4. specwriter


      Let's start debating how much Smashmouth grosses on tour with and without the fat guy with the soul patch.

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