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  1. Anyone else make it into Nicholl quarterfinals?

  2. Can anyone explain why my Final Draft (8.0) saves scripts as nearly 2MB PDF's? They should be 350KB at most. Any help?

  3. What age did you start writing? I mean actually writing scripts, in screenplay format?

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    2. mebishop2001


      About 20 in college - a SEVEN ripoff :)

    3. benskelly2


      Wrote short stories and "plays" as a kid, but first wrote a screenplay when I was 17, a senior in High School. My English teacher, a nun, hated it.

    4. David Fakrikian

      David Fakrikian

      Late comer, I started at around 29. I completed a full script and then it sold immediately.

  4. How surprising is this: "Jackie" has only grossed $13M and is now in RedBox, so I assume that means they don't expect to see more. I know the script was heavily praised when it first went out. On Rotten Tomatoes, 89% Critic score, 64% Audience. I tend to side with the audience meter more often than not. Discuss.

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    2. sbbn


      Interesting to hear that my suspicions that this was just old hat, more of the same, confirmed. A much more interesting take on it would have to tell how Jackie orchestrated the hit after JFK threatened to cut off her personal coke supply that she was smuggling back from Vietnam on Air America and put her in rehab. True story.

    3. Writer


      @sbbn, Jackie O? More like Jackie BLOW, amiright?

    4. egerst


      They advertised it like a bio pic about a certain incident on her life but it really wasn't. It was a bit odder and darker and tried to get into her mentality after the assn so it played more like a tone poem feeling through those few days and less structured. If they went the more conventional route about how strong she was and moving on with her life prob more audiences would have come out, but really it was just a showcase for Portman's internal performance

  5. Finally saw "The Founder" last night. Thought it was a total dud. Anyone else see? Agree/disagree?

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    2. Penelope


      Thought it was okay. Performances are better then the film.

    3. pygmyzombie


      Concept was better than the execution.

    4. Jarrean


      Not all that thrilling. Not sure what could've made it better.

  6. I'm looking for a great one-sheet. I know we have a thread for treatments and bibles, but does anyone have a really great one-sheet template? P&T

  7. Has anyone read this years BlackList winner "Blonde Ambition"? Thoughts?

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    2. Scott Crawford

      Scott Crawford

      @sbbn Ha! So true... if you're name's Sorkin. And there have been scripts like The Libertine which did well (on the Black List) but the odds are always on the more fast paced scripts. Social Network (indeed, most scripts based on good true stories) had a lot of stuff to get through. i've read amateur scripts where it's quite clear from the first ten, fifteen that the writer doesn't have enough story to fill the pages. There are always exceptions... but in the main what...

    3. sbbn


      @Scott, I generally lean towards smartass, but I do overall agree with you that a lengthy dialogue more often leans towards rambling and directionless. But man alive, you get a script from someone that can write great dialogue and those scenes can be amazing.

    4. lauriestark


      It's the script the script reading club this reading this week, though no one's weighed in yet: http://forum.tracking-board.com/index.php?/topic/16264-script-reading-club-blonde-ambition-by-elyse-hollander/ (I haven't gotten around to it yet - biopics almost always bore me. Give me fiction any day, I get enough real life in real life.)

  8. For no particular reason, I just uploaded a biopic script I wrote a few years back into the "Works In Progress" category. The title is "The Wife & Death of Hank Williams Sr." and the script centers around Hanks wife and manager, Audrey Mae Sheppard. Further explanation is in the thread.

  9. Congrats to Peter Limm for his TB Recommends. If anyone has The Ardenworth Files I would love to read. Please PM me.

    1. Mr. Marbles

      Mr. Marbles

      Same here. Send me a PM if you have The Ardenworth Files.


      Congrats to Peter!

    2. zkendall
  10. Is there anyone who has experience uploading multiple voices into Final Draft for use in the read back feature? I've tried the ways suggested online and it seems there's no cut and dry method. Any help?

  11. I'm sure I'm in the minority here and will probably get crucified for this, but I honestly do not get the hype for Stranger Things. It seems like the more people hype a show up all over social media the more let down I am by it when I finally get around to watching. Props to the writers for getting it going but I just was not engaged. Discuss.

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    2. CastorTroy16


      I loved it. I thought the last episode lacked conflict and could have been much better but I liked the series and will check out a season 2

    3. PJMAC


      Count me in the love it camp. I was almost ready to give up after the third episode but after that I was hooked. So was the family.

    4. Reader George

      Reader George

      Thought a few episodes dragged on but overall glad I stuck with it. That said, there's a fine line between suspense and "deliberately vague." Aside from the multiple homages to other IP, it most reminded me of that SyFy series Eureka, which was a bit uneven for me.


  12. I know everyone is different and everyone has their go-to coverage analyst, but I really wanted to show some love for www.scriptexaminer.com. I have used everyone from Black List to TB and several independents and Ashish coverage is THE best out there for the money. My last round of coverage resulted in 3 thorough pages of notes and I can't say it wasn't his suggestions that got my script in the shape it needed to be in to land me a manager. Just a friendly tip to those in need.

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    2. palostick


      Ashish is a/the notes maestro.

    3. CastorTroy16


      Awesome guy. Gives great notes.

    4. sometimeaftertwoam


      Btw, I am by no means dogging TB's coverage. They remain the finest true studio coverage on the market and I will continue to use them for all scripts once I'm to that point. Just wanted to recognize Ashish for being the finest 'budget' coverage I've seen.

  13. Curious if anyone here ever attends the free BlackList mixers in LA at the Umbrella Company? Anyone planning to attend the July 6th one?

    1. babybruck2


      Planning to, never been before.

    2. Breeze24


      I'm heading out there

  14. There's a widely accepted structural perimeter, or axiom in screenwriting that generally insists on character arc. "In what ways is your character different in the end from in the beginning?" Consider Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men and Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. I see no arc in who they are as people/characters. Yes, the story itself has an arc, but how are either of these characters different in the end from the beginning? Other examples of such?

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    2. paleyellow


      Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine. Character arc is a tool. It's a means to story, not the ends. Usually the protagonist changes. There are internal obstacles he faces and he must grow to overcome them. But the key is the OBSTACLE, not the change. In some stories, the obstacle the hero faces is tremendous pressure to change, and to succeed he must resist that pressure. Usually his resistance to change and his strength in this scenario causes OTHERS to change around him. Han Solo becomes mo...

    3. drb000


      I think in any movie, either the character has to change, or their circumstances have to. Like in "The Pursuit of Happyness" - his character doesn't change much, but by the end he has a job at Dean Witter. In "There Will be Blood" Daniel Plainview is in a much different place at the end of the movie then he was at the beginning.

    4. sometimeaftertwoam


      But he's the exact same cunt in the end. If not bigger. That's my point.

  15. Does anyone have any history / experience with the Emerging Screenwriters competition they'd like to share?

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