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  1. Hannibal Lecter did this to me.

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    2. axalon


      Interestingly enough, I remember reading the pilot and feeling underwhelmed.


      There was a scene in the pilot script where Hannibal approaches a teenage girl smoking a cigarette. We then cut to him pounding lung tissue in his kitchen, he samples the meat then says "pre-smoked".


      Hannibal with one-liners? I was afraid the series was going to be kind of a joke with lines like that but I'm glad to see they cut things like that from the show as it's definitely...

    3. axalon


      ...one of the best things on TV.

    4. dsjones


      ...I don't remember that scene in the script I read. But then again it was a while ago. That said, Hannibal has an insane amount of cannibalism puns. It's like he wants to get caught... (cue feral fight scene).

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