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  1. GOTHAM: A Batman show without the Batman. Intriguing idea, but they've got so much going against them right now it seems silly to even attempt.

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    2. sbbn


      Also, I think Gotham could theoretically work. Batman wasn't awesome because it was Batman; Batman was awesome because of the villains. It's an interesting idea to place the villains, who really only have an equal in Batman in a scenario where there is no Batman. Give them the upper-hand by a long stretch.

    3. Escapist


      i'm not giving him a pass, i'm saying he did BUFFY and ANGEL. and yes, FIREFLY and DOLL HOUSE, neither of which I watched all of. still... I have more faith than not.

    4. dsjones


      The only star wars prequels that are canon are the ones i've outlined in my mind. I'll say this: the villains are interesting, but a response to Batman's presence. He's the light that draws the insects out at night. This series would probably just focus on the deterioration of Gordon's faith and principles while seeing the blatant corruption going on around the city...which could really just be any cop show. I want a reason for this to be set in the Batman universe, even i...

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