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  1. Broadchurch adaptation on Fox...seriously? Just air the original.

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    2. sankofa


      agreed. I just rolled my eyes. I need the broadcast networks to back off the remakes and come up with original material. There are some exceptions (John Glenn's adaption of the british mini IDENTITY is an extremely solid pilot, and a miniseries I think that COULD be easily adapted over here) but leave it alone. I'm expecting to hear CBS or ABC to remake THE FALL shortly. smh


    3. dsjones


      Network doesn't do miniseries - that's the problem. They're adapting works that don't have longevity. How has no one sat at the table and gone "Hang on, wait a minute here - this can't be sustained because X, Y, and Z remakes tried it and all crashed and burned."

    4. sangun


      HBO picking up Getting On was strange. I wonder who is going to go after The Moone Boy?

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