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  1. New laptop, new lease on life. Waited way too long for an upgrade.

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    2. adlocke


      i switched to mac, too, because i couldn't respect a windows MACHINE! i would max out the cpu and burn up the hard drive mixing up. and no background virus programs, don't go too far from thinking you need something you don't need windows ppl!

    3. StringerBell


      I'm one of the lucky ones. Never had a virus and very rarely have had a problem with a Windows machine in all of my years using them. Any issue I've ever had I've been able to solve by googling the problem and running a fix. Windows is intuitive to me and I simply could not understand the Mac OS. Old dog, new tricks, I guess. I did like the form factor of the Macbook Pro, but it was pretty heavy. Lots of good lightweight Windows options out now and more on their way shortly.

    4. aphid47


      Hmmm, this thing is light as air.

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