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  1. The TB writers group is now 20 members strong. There's a meet and greet chat on Wed night at 5pm central and then another on Friday during the day (time pending) so if you can't make one hopefully you can make the other one. Drop by, say hello, get to know your fellow TB members.

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    2. sankofa


      I just sent ina request also! :)

    3. Mysterian


      I just approved you both!

    4. sankofa


      thanks!!! I'll send an intro email to the group this weekend! I can't wait to interact with you guys! But, question: how will the interactions go? are we just emailing each other back and forth? or chatting here at TB? let me know because i'll be at work during the day tomorrow and ill find *ANY* reason to NOT WORK! LOLOL!

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