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  1. hated "Sherlocke Holmes: Game of Shadows". It f*cking sucked!

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    2. tbblue


      I fucking loved it, that last "battle of the minds" fight was so incredible.

    3. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      @ Blue: C'MON MAN! That was single handily the dumbest scene in the movie. The idea - awesome. Execution, horrid. 1st thing it reminded me of "Big Trouble in Little China" when the masters battle with 'Laser Warriors' using their pinky's. And the ending...REALLY Blue. Really???

    4. Nic.Lishko


      Agree with TB Blue :D. Dude I went in only to see The Dark Knight Rises trailer and was expecting nothing at all. Thus, it rocked :D

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