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  1. I posted a one hour drama pilot called "The Pledge" in the Works in Progress section. Would love any feedback on the script. Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed watching Tyrant tonight, but what a blatant copy of The Godfather. Barry is Michael Corleone with a dash of season 1 Walter White. Jamal (modeled after Uday Hussein) will make a great rival to Barry.

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    2. StringerBell


      I was underwhelmed. SPOILER ALERT... I thought is was far too convenient that the dad just happened to die while Barry was there. It would have been better if he were the subject of an attack during the wedding, but they would've had to have changed the idea that Barry had about making the terrorist come to the wedding (which they clearly liked). My guess is this idea was discussed internally and dismissed because they didn't want to lose Barry's idea to have the terrorist come to...

    3. specwriter


      Did you watch the newer edit? The screener version is not the final; FX sent out a new cut that is only online. I haven't seen either yet so I'm not sure how they compare.

    4. specwriter


      Oh, I didn't realize it actually aired on TV. Cord cutters, unite!

  3. Just finished Shadow Run. Gazzam has a nice writing style and action sequences, but the overall story felt bland. I would say this is much closer (almost too close) to Safe House than the Bourne series in terms of tone and execution.

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