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  1. Little rant -- apropos of nothing... but what's the deal with websites that just offer 'Movie Transcripts'

    1. egerst


      I mean who is looking for a transcript of an entire movie with no character or scene heading? What am I missing? Are these just for click bait?

    2. andrewpwoodberry


      Cheap and click bait. Though I did recently read the transcript of Old School -- could picture every scene in my head just from the dialogue.

    3. drb000


      Honestly, I find them useful at times. Like if I have a scanned PDF that I can't control+F on and want to study a particular scene real quick but can't remember it's placement in the script, sometimes I'll use Springfield scripts to help point me in the right direction. It can also be useful to compare to the actual script sometimes and you see how much dialogue ends up being cut from the finished product. But for sure, I get your point. A lot of weird stuff on the interwebs

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