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  1. For the love of Pete, Buddha, Jain, Confucious, Allah, God, Lee Daniels Tragedy Porn Precious, Sweet T Brown, Tara Reid's former acting career, the unbridled manliness of Joel Edgerton (damn, he's hawt! *swoon*), and sweet big booty baby Jeebus, please folks! I really do love the multiple requests for BONE TOMAHAWK, PADRE and the like, but you *DO* know that you can get these IN THE FILE EXCHANGE OF THE TRACKING BOARD. Really, you can. Just not from me. K? Thanks Biyeeee!

    1. dsjones


      Hey sankofa, I heard you have access to some really hawt specs. Mind sharing Bone Tomahawk and Padre with me?

    2. sankofa


      LOLOLOLOL! that's been the subject of the emails. When I tell them where they can get them, folk are like: "I didn't pay for the membership" Waat? like, I get it it's not cheap. BUT, if you want these scripts, you can get them at the file exchange..you really can.

    3. axalon


      Sankofa, I hear you're a man who knows how to get things...

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