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  1. Huge dump of OWAs! A few I wouldn't dare touch, a ton that don't spark any interest at all, a few that do interest me and one I'd like to take a crack at. Time to advance, then maybe one day I can fill one of these OWAs .

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    2. admin


      All of the OWAs are legit. That much I can guarantee. The Goddyssey one referenced above was not from the new OWAs, as was noticeable from the old date on it, as well as the "FILLED" marker on it.

    3. storymaps99


      TB Red, I'm confused as all of the OWA's are dated May 10, 2013 in the thread index even if they were created earlier and have no replies?

    4. admin


      Hey Dan, I'm assuming you're not going through the 20+ pages? The last 200+ are from the 10th, and the pages before that go for months and months.

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