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  1. Love it...

    1. ... who are those guys?
    2. specwriter


      Greatest thing I've ever heard. I've often thought Arnie's "lahlll" pain yell needed MUCH more parodying.

    3. Bobbylaw
  2. If this gets made what are the odds that "Overnight 2" follows shortly after? http://www.tracking-board.com/the-blood-spoon-council-sales/

    1. Mysterian
    2. CliveBarks


      Just means there is hope for us all...

    3. LAscribe88


      Hopefully his ego has shrunk a bit.

  3. Scripts that are set in New Orleans?

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    2. Mysterian


      Contraband and Bad Lieutenant are that types of scripts I'm looking for.


      Thanks guys!

    3. chandolaswinter


      An oldie-- The Big Easy

    4. JimmyTango
  4. K. Ryans hasn't posted much lately, anyone know whether she's still a member?

  5. Dear TB -- Are you going to be posting the top 10 or 25 scripts of the Launch Pad for us all to read anytime soon?

  6. Congrats to all the Y&H writers!

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    2. Shining1


      Yes, congrats Dan. The only one Im familiar with on the list.

    3. adlocke


      pretty cool if you made the list!

    4. Nic8767


      Congrats to Dan and everyone who made the list!

  7. Forget Grumpy cat, there needs to be a movie made from this http://prancercise.com

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    2. admin


      I think Marvel is already on this: http://bit.ly/183TWwS

    3. Mysterian


      HAHA Awesome TB Red.

    4. aphid47


      I actually saw a large woman doing this 2 days ago.

  8. Huge dump of OWAs! A few I wouldn't dare touch, a ton that don't spark any interest at all, a few that do interest me and one I'd like to take a crack at. Time to advance, then maybe one day I can fill one of these OWAs .

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    2. admin


      Hmmm. I just looked on both of our screens, and it appears they are all dated correctly. 200+ are from MAy 10, then I see January, December, and so on.

    3. admin


      All OWAs are verified beforehand SF. They are active projects, currently seeking writers. Keep in mind, some of these (the bigger ones) may only take prospective writers, or queries on availability from agencies, etc.

    4. SFscribe


      Fair enough. I was just relaying what the producer listed for the "Jane Austin Marriage Manual" relayed to me.

  9. Great revenge scripts… I've read Prisioners and The low dweller. Suggestions?

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    2. Mysterian


      I've also been meaning to read "Motor City"... anyone read it?

    3. tbblue


      I love MOTOR CITY... also, CRISTO is sci-fi Revenge.

    4. ThaVillain


      Motor City is awesome! And only like 4 lines of dialogue!

  10. Suggested scripts to read or movies to watch with “Strong female leads”?

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    2. sbbn


      Good call on Kill Bill, Cyber - those are great examples.

    3. Mysterian


      I own and have seen Silence, kill bill1/2 and Jackie brown several times. Love them all

    4. Cyber Hater

      Cyber Hater

      the MOST obvious is the film noir genre, more particularly BASIC INSTINCT, BODY HEAT, etc

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