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  1. Any good comic book scripts? By that I mean what the artist takes from the writer and interprets into the panels/pages? I'm surprised there are no books of side to side comparisons...

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    2. Charlie


      I posted a few more. Hope it helps. Good luck.

    3. Nic.Lishko


      Thanks a lot, Charlie!

      Full disclosure, I wrote a steampunk/gearpunk pilot with two other friends that has been very favorably received and we're looking to potentially turn it into a graphic novel or a comic book series as the budget would be high and no one would take a risk on it.

      We were planning 13 episode seasons and about 5 or 6 seasons worth of story. Advice from friends in the business suggest going the comic route so we're exploring it currently and are just in...

    4. Charlie


      No problem. Checkout Lady Mechanika or Iron West for steampunk comic examples. Even the Trigun anime has steampunk elements. Good luck with the adaptation.

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